1Password mini truncating last character of password at Wells Fargo URL

I go to Wellsfargo.com. I open 1Password mini to fill in userid and password. The data is filled and I am immediately and automatically taken to another page saying that the site does not recognize my userid/password. I manually fill in the data, and when prompted by 1password, save the new logon and enter the site.

I looked at the new record saved in 1P and noticed two differences: Password has last character truncated; and the URL is different. I clicked on the new url (https://connect.secure.wellsfargo.com/auth/login/present?origin=cob&error=yes&LOB=CONS&destination=brokerage) and am told the internet banking is not available.

If I stay with manual entry, then all goes well.

What is happening and is there a workaround?

1Password Version: 5.3
Extension Version: 4.4.2
OS Version: 10.10.4
Sync Type: iCloud


  • Hi @rlgleason51,

    So part of it is Wells Fargo site. They have a character limit of 14 characters in their password field which you will bump against when you type it in manually or paste. As we work directly with the field we're not bumping into this limitation but maybe we should be looking for at least the html attribute (literally titled maxlength) and informing the user when the string we're trying to fill is too long.

    What I would suggest is to try creating a new Login item using our How to manually save a Login guide and I think that might result in a working Login item. That URL you posted is where I got redirected after accidentally submitting a login page with dummy data while if I manually save a Login item it records https://www.wellsfargo.com/ as the URL.

    Please let us know how you get along. The password length though seems to be Wells Fargo - I don't know why they're limiting password length I'm afraid.

    ref: OPX-103

  • Ok. I understand what happens when using the mini. But what is 1Pmini doing that disallows the password from being filled correctly when doing it manually works normally? Is it putting an extra character/space in the field?

  • brentybrenty

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    @rlgleason51: There is probably a technical term for this, but I'm afraid I don't know it.

    Essentially what is happening is that the website is either preventing keyboard input from entering characters beyond the maximum, or simply clearing them. But 1Password isn't manually inputting anything; it just dumps the full password into the field, just like you'd want it to in theory. It's entering the whole thing exactly; it's the website that says "no". :)

  • Hi @rlgleason51,

    The following could be a lot more concise but I want to avoid asking you how long your password for Wells Fargo is.

    If your password is 14 characters or less then 1Password should be properly filling and we have a different issue on our hands than I think we do. If your password is longer than 14 characters then I think part of the issue is the Wells Fargo site might have (mistakingly) lead you to believe your password is stronger than it is. The easiest way to test this theory is if you only enter the first 14 characters of your password either by typing or copying and pasting can you successfully log in just like if you attempted to type or copy and paste the entire password as you believe it to be.

    As you can see, without knowing if you're bumping into this unexpected maximum length it's hard for us to tell if it's this maxlength issue or if it's something else. Again, without trying to give anything away, if you can help us understand we will of course continue investigating with you if there is an issue with 1Password that we should look into.

    What my previous testing allowed me to do is see that I could successfully fill in the username and password field and everything looked okay in terms of the correct data being filled. That's just part of the process though and maybe the issue isn't occurring until we submit. As somebody who isn't a customer of theirs I can't easily verify this stage. We just need to make sure your login credentials are 'correct'. A few years ago we all discovered that no matter how strong a hotmail password you had chosen, the password stored to authenticate you was a maximum of 16 characters long. You could believe you had a 30 character password but the extra 14 characters were nothing but misdirection. That's essentially the part I'm trying to ensure isn't a factor here. Hopefully we can get this resolved :smile:

  • My password is (will be 'was') 15 characters in length. I tried logging on by entering the first 14 chars only and was successful. So the issue appears to misdirection on Wells Fargo part.

    Thanks for your assist.

  • I'm glad we could help resolve that one @rlgleason51 :smile: If that Login item gives you any more trouble though please do let us know.

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