How often do you change your passwords?

I am new to 1PW, so I've been very busy changing and logging all my logins into the program. While it's a pain, initially, once it's done, it's a jewel! However, I did discover an unintended complication in Quicken: all of my "download transaction" sites refused my new passwords because Quicken isn't updated any other way except manually! Now that was a royal pain, and makes me wonder just how often I really want to go through that. Next time should be easier, but still... Next day I found yet another unintended complication when my phone wouldn't talk to google until I gave it the new google password, and typing that 16 digit gobble-de-gook into a phone is another real bucket-list item I can scratch off now!

So, how often do you change your passwords on sites you really don't want compromised?


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    Never. :-)

    Once you are using a strong, unique password there is no need to ever change it. In "Changing Passwords Isn't Worth the Effort" by Neil J. Rubenking, he reviews a study by Microsoft researcher Cormac Herley that asserts, roughly, that by the time you have changed your password, a hacker has already used it. Additionally, unnecessary security advice to change passwords with any frequency "treats as free a resource that is actually worth $2.6 billion an hour."

    You might consider installing 1Password on your phone (if you are using an iOS, Android, or Windows Phone 7 device) in order to copy and paste the strong passwords rather than typing them all in. I copy and paste my iTunes password from 1Password every time I purchase anything from the App Store on my iPhone.

    I hope that helps. What do you think?
  • That's actually great to hear, khad. Thanks for the link, too. Now to work on those two websites I frequent that insist on a new password every so often - once a quarter for my work site, and twice a year for my banking site.

    As for the phone, I have just downloaded the Adroid version of 1PW. It's a beta, and there are some bugs! Luckily, I do not use the "smart" part of my phone very much... my phone is, well, a phone.
  • stu wrote:

    Interesting, my iPhone is more of a PDA to me than a phone :-) Anyway, 1Password for Android is being continually worked on by our amazing Android developer, Gene.

    If I had an iPhone my troubles would be over - and I'd use the "smart" part of it! As a Mac user, I can only dream of that day... sometime in November when my current contract expires! The interface between Android and Mac is a subject for another thread!
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