Motioneye and 1P popup conflict with eachother..

Hello. I use the Motioneye software. Which is a central software manager for motion camera's. Like a surveillance system. When changing the passwords. Something triggers the 1Password application to ask and store the credentials. Debugging this with the developer he has a few questions:

Can you share which triggers those are? Probably a 'username' and/or 'password' field in the html text?

Is there a way to prevent 1Password from doing this?

Reason I ask for the last option is the following: Because 1Password seems to trigger, it will keep showing the "Apply" button, which only needs to be triggered when something actually changed. Nothing changed though and it will wipe out the configuration because there are no values in the cache anymore which can be applied in the configuration write-out.

We tried debugging this with the Debugger enabled in Firefox, but then the error is not reproducable. We can reproduce this however when we have the debugger-disabled..

Do you have other suggestions that we can take into account to prevent this from happening? I think that having the option to save the password via 1P is a good thing. Though it should not trigger other events as happends now ;-)

1Password Version: 5.3 (530029)
Extension Version: 4.4.2
OS Version: 10.10.5
Sync Type: not applicable
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  • Greetings @remkolodder,

    The first question I would have is, if you exclude the domain from Automatically ask to save new Logins does the issue persist?

    The screenshot below will show the easiest way to achieve this via the Never Autosave for this site option (which means never ask).

    Does that alter the behaviour observed and does it help?

  • I will have a look, great advice, hang on!

  • Fingers crossed it helps but if not we'll continue trying to figure it out.

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