License is not consumer friendly

License per person per platform is not consumer friendly, do you have plans to change this or should I look for another product?

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  • In what way is it not user friendly?

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @mcarr,

    We do our best to be as generous as possible with the licensing of 1Password. We offer discounts for users who wish to use 1Password on multiple platforms: there's a Windows/Mac bundle available from our website, and the mobile versions of 1Password are free to download, with some optional features available via in-app purchase. Additionally, we recently changed our licensing terms to take Apple's new Family Sharing into account. A single license can now be used by up to six members of the same household, and you can install 1Password on as many computers of the purchased platform as you use.

    I can't speak to plans to change our licensing in the future, but I would love to know a little bit more about where this licensing structure is not working for you. If you could tell us a bit more about your situation, we'd be happy to help!

  • Thanks for the info, I was not aware of the Windows/Mac combo. I thought I had to pay for ever platform I run. I recently had to switch to Windows at work, I use Mac at home so I thought I had to buy another version for Windows.

  • The first entry on the AgileBits web store is for the Mac/Windows bundle price.

    I'm not sure this applies to you, but if you already have a Mac license, you can get a discount to add a Windows license by sending your purchase details for the Mac version to [email protected] Include a link to this thread and give as much detail about your Mac purchase as you can, including the email address you used to buy it. AgileBits will arrange for you to be able to buy that additional Windows license at a price that will make the total outlay equal to the bundle price.

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    @mcarr: Ultimately it depends on your situation. For a single individual with 1Password on all four platforms (Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows), it certainly does add up; but considering that each is a one-time purchase (no subscription fees), it's easy to get your money's worth...unless one platform or another isn't one you get a lot of use out of, in which case it might make sense not to spend money there. ;)

    However, if you have a spouse and/or older children (or even another generation in your household!) it's a fantastic deal, as (with a few exceptions, due to app store restrictions) you won't have to purchase an additional license for each family member. I know I appreciate that, because my wife isn't a heavy computer user, but it's nice that she can use 1Password without us having to purchase an additional license.

    And certainly if you have already purchased 1Password on another platform, send us an email as hawkmoth suggests above with your receipt, and we'll gladly offer you a discount on additional licenses through the AgileBits Store. Cheers! :)

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