How long before the 1Password 4 browser extension for Firefox will work?

I had understood that this was being worked on (since the beginning of August). The latest versions of Firefox will not allow the 1Password 4 browser extension to install because 1Password is "not verified." In other words, the new version of Firefox is treating 1Password as malware. I had understood that Agile Bits was going to be working with Mozilla to get "verified." Is this process underway?

1Password Version: 4.6.085
Extension Version: none
OS Version: Windows 7
Sync Type: dropbox


  • Hi @Dedlock,

    What version of Firefox are you running? I ask because the extension does still work in the stable version which is currently at 40.0.3. Mozilla's current roadmap is as follows.

    1. Firefox 40 (current stable). Will notify the user if an extension is not signed by Mozilla but will still allow the extension to be loaded and enabled.
    2. Firefox 41 (current beta). Will by default refuse to load an extension not signed by Mozilla. There is an option that can be set to disable this but obviously we don't want this to be a workaround for our users.
    3. Firefox 42 (current dev). Once Firefox 42 makes it to beta and then stable the option I mentioned in Firefox 41 will cease to exist. There will be no way to load an unsigned extension. This doesn't apply to the dev branch as extension developers will always need a way to test an extension long before it's in a state ready to be reviewed.

    We have a beta version of our Firefox extension that is signed by Mozilla and we're finally in the process of getting a stable version signed too. As long as you're running the stable Firefox 40 though you should still be able to use our unsigned extension while we wait for the review process to complete. How does this compare to your situation?

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