How do I move both the application and data file from my old MB to a new Pro?

I have a new MB Pro and would like to move the application and data file for 1Passport from the old machine to the new? How do I do that?

1Password Version: 5.3
Extension Version: 5.3.2
OS Version: OSX 10.10.5
Sync Type: iCloud
Referrer: forum-search:How do I move move both the application and data file from my old MB to a new MB Pro?.


  • Vee_AGVee_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @brucegl45,

    Congrats on the new laptop! There are a few ways to go about this, but I think the easiest way will be to sync via Dropbox or iCloud.

    I'm a bit confused, though, by some of the information you provided in the footer of your post:
    1Password Version: 5.3
    Extension Version: 5.3.2
    Sync Type: iCloud

    5.3.2 is the latest stable release of the AgileBits Store version of the 1Password for Mac app, not the extension. But 5.3 is the latest version available from the Mac App Store, and iCloud sync is only available in the Mac App Store version of the app. Did you buy 1Password from the Mac App Store? I searched our sales records for your forum email address and found that you have a current license for 1Password 5 for Mac from our store (as well). I've just sent your current license info to you via email.

    On your old Mac, set up iCloud or Dropbox sync via the sync preferences.

    Then, on your new Mac:
    First you'll need to install the app, either from the Mac App Store or from our Downloads page, depending on where you purchased it.

    When you're setting up the app on your new computer, select "I've used 1Password before" and iCloud or Dropbox, whichever matches the sync solution you set up on your old Mac.

    I know this isn't very specific because I'm not sure which version you're using, but hopefully this guides you in the right direction. Please let us know how this works out for you, or if you have any other questions. :)

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