Firefox button does not match all themes

Create a custom icon! :-)
hey guyz!

i am using a minimalistic theme for firefox which is microfox. i use this theme to maximize the space used for the website an minimize the browser space.

unfortunately the 1password icon destroys the hole meaning of this. it forces the bar to be twice as high as without the 1password icon. the icon works perfectly well with the standard firefox theme! but as i said i use microfox since i am using firefox and do not want to change back to the stock theme.

is there a way to change the icon in firefox? or should i forward this issue to the agile support center?

big thanks in advance!

screenshot attached where you can see the problem!


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    Welcome to the forums, brain_death!

    While we wish we could create a 1Password icon for every Firefox theme, our designer, Dan, would probably not get much else done. :-)

    Please feel free to create your own, though!

    Let me know how it turns out.

  • perfect! thanks!

    the problem was the theme i used! not the size of the icon which was fine. i changed the theme (i found an even better one :D also minimalistic), but the icon was also with the new one a little bit too big so i resized the icon to 75% and NOW i fucking like it :)

    thanks! did i mention that i LOVE 1password ;D great support here also, both thumbs up!

    best regards from the in snow covered vienna, austria :)
  • hi all. this is my first post here.
    i should note that 1Password is working perfectly for me in Firefox 4 (mac). no problems there whatsoever.

    that said, i'm trying out a beta of the "NASA Night Launch" theme for FF4, and there's a few issues with text either not showing up on buttons, or showing up so faint as to be unreadable.

    the weird thing is that most of the buttons/labels for 1Password look fine; there's just a problem with a specific one.

    here's what it looks like:


    as stated above, the "Fill" text is there; it just doesn't become visible until it's highlighted, which seems odd as the rest of the buttons' labels show up just fine.


    anyway, great work on 1Password in general; i love it. hope it will eventually be able to work with the NASA Night Launch theme as well :)

    the author of the NASA Night Launch theme can be reached by email at this page:
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    Welcome to the forums, vector! I think your post got buried in the wrong thread. I have merged it with what I believe to be the appropriate thread. Please see above and let me know if you have any additional questions.

    I have passed this information along to the rest of the team for further consideration.
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