Did KyPass hijack 1P URL scheme?

I still use KeePass/KyPass in addition to 1P (because...). However, on my iPhone and iPad, the onepassword: URL scheme seems to have been hijacked by KyPass: my Launch Center Pro shortcuts now opens KyPass and using webbrowser.open('onepass:') from Python also results in KyPass being opened instead of 1Password.

Has onebody else noticed this? I sent a tweet to the maker of KyPass to find out whether it's a deliberate hijack, but haven't received a response yet.



  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @stompertje,

    I don't personally have any experience with KyPass, but I'd be very interested to see what their support team has to say about the issue. Have you received a reply from them at this point?



  • I have not yet heard anything from them. I asked the question on their support forum as well, but that's hard to find and rarely used (most recent discussion was a year old). Let's see what will happen, but if it's deliberate (I cannot think how this could be an anomaly on all three iOS devices I own), then it's definitely uncool...

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    Hi @stompertje ,

    It certainly does look like this is happening. As of iOS 8, if two apps implement the same URL scheme, it is undefined which app gets launched. That said, we are looking into seeing if something can be done about this. In the meantime, can you try another test. You mentioned you ran webbrowser.open('onepass:') from Python. Can you also try webbrowser.open('onepassword:') and let us know what happens. 1Password does not register onepass: but is does, of course, register onepassword:.


  • Hi @hayesk,

    Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for helping investigate. I made a typo in my original message, because I did try "webbrowser.open('onepassword:')". Reinstalling 1Password got back the desired behaviour, reinstalling KyPass once again hijacked the 'onepassword:' scheme. So, whichever app registers last, gets to keep the 'onepassword:' scheme, it seems (although, of course, officially it's undefined behaviour)

    In the meantime: no response at all from the KyPass developer!

    Since discovering this problem, I've been installing the Windows version of 1Password on all my pc's (being p****d off with KyPass and, by extension, KeePass) and I love the browser-plugin so much that I'm slowly phasing out K**Pass in favor of 1Password everywhere. It just works so much better!

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    Thanks for the feedback, @stompertje. Unfortunate that you can't get a reply from the other developer.

    We appreciate you letting us know!

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