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I've just upgraded my OSX to 10.10.5 and now it's saying I need to add/update to my existing 1password before I can use it again. I need an idiots guide as I'm very nervous, having read on your forum that you first may need to trash the existing software. Where can I find easy to follow instructions?

1Password Version: 3.8.22
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.10.5
Sync Type: Not Provided
Referrer: forum-search:Have to upgrade 1password as I've just updated my OSX to 10.10.5. I need an idiots guide!


  • Hi @GabrielleVickery,

    While we would hope that you would want to upgrade, you don't have to, no matter what fibs OS X might be whispering at the moment. We've even seen this error message pop up occasionally with 1Password 5 for Mac which is our current version. I confess, I haven't tried to track down why OS X is trying to tell little white lies as we know it to be untrue.

    Is OS X refusing to run 1Password 3 for Mac? If it is you can try the following.

    1. Quit 1Password.
    2. Drag the 1Password application from your /Applications/ folder to the Trash. Please don't use an app cleaner.
    3. Reboot your Mac.
    4. Download 1Password again from the same place you purchased it. For 1Password 3 you want our AgileBits Download page and look in the Legacy section.

    Don't worry, your vault is completely separate from the application so binning one copy and downloading another doesn't place your vault at risk.

    Now that said, we like to think we've made a number of improvements as well as bug fixes in both 1Password 4/5 and as you're running Yosemite you can run 1Password 5. It is a paid upgrade but you can use your existing 1Password 3 licence to obtain a 50% discount in our AgileBits Store by going to this URL: There is also the issue of compatibility between 1Password 3 and the newer versions of OS X and browsers. For example, in Firefox 40 they removed a library that our 1Password 3 Firefox Extension relied on, thus breaking it completely. As 1Password 3 is no longer under active development it won't be seeing any love any time soon (more about that and the options available can be found at 1Password 3 extension missing in Firefox 40 or later). There are a couple of other minor quirks too as everything around 1Password 3 has moved on but 1Password 3 still expects everything as it once was.

    If you do decide to upgrade then the process should be simple. The first time you launch 1Password 5 it will look for existing data and it will check the two default locations used by 1Password 3. If it finds data it will import it and simply ask you for your existing Master Password. It will also keep your old 1Password 3 vault in sync with the 1Password 5 one should you want to keep 1Password 3 for any reason. You don't have to delete anything until you're satisfied everything is as it should be in 1Password 5 and if you want you can try this without paying a penny right now too as you can trial 1Password 5 for 30 days before you need to make a decision.

    If you're uncomfortable at all or you have any other questions please do post back so we can try and explain and put your mind at ease for whichever route you decide to go down.

  • Hi there,

    thank you so much for all of that :-).

    I will be upgrading soon but in the meantime I just needed to get it working again.

    When you asked if it was actually refusing to run, I went back to 1password again. In fact it wasn’t refusing as such, just saying it needed to install a 1password app in order to run, so I clicked it (I hope that was ok!).

    Now 1password is running again yay. I was a bit confused because for a while the 1password icon disappeared from my browser and appeared at the very top of my mac menu bar, but now it’s reverted to it’s usual happy place on my browser.

    For some reason I now have 2 versions however, 1password 3.8.22 in gaby/applications. And 1password4 in hard drive/applications.

    I’m not sure which one is being used every time I use the icon in my browser, is this a problem?

  • brentybrenty

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    @GabrielleVickery: Ah, got it! It sounds like you were using the 1Password extension in your web browser, but the 1Password app itself needed to be run first.

    Before you do anything else, open 1Password 5 and make sure all of your data is there. You'll also have two 1Password icons in the web browser. The old one will look like a physical 'key', and the new one will look like a 'keyhole'. The new 'keyhole' icon is the one you'll want to use, so make sure that you're able to access your logins there as well.

    Once you've verified this, we can proceed getting rid of the old version knowing that you have everything you need in the new one. Please let me know how it turns out! :)

  • Ack sorry I haven't got 1password 5 yet, it's a group licence so I need to sort some stuff before I purchase. Does that change things?

  • brentybrenty

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    @GabrielleVickery: Hmm. I had assumed that "1Password4" was a typo on your previous post, because you're already running OS X Yosemite and 1Password 5 is a free upgrade to all 1Password 4 for Mac if you have a valid 1Password 4 license, it should simply work in 1Password 5. Let me know if that helps. ;)

  • Ok many thanks Brenty, I will go back to the instructions at the top of this page, and cross my fingers that it goes well :-).

  • brentybrenty

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    You're most welcome! And if you run into any issues at all or just have another question, we're here for you. :chuffed:

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