Need to specify symbols in the Password Generator

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There are certain systems that allows only a specific set of symbols in addition to usual alphanumeric (Upper, Lower, Numerals). (I won't specify these in a public post.) Whenever I use the Password Generator in 1Password 5, I have to include symbols, then change that symbol to one of the specific set of symbols allowed. This is a bit of a work and I have to do this every 30 days. Is there a way a functionality can be added to 1P5 Beta that allows you to retain the current default symbol set and select an alternate symbol set for certain systems? Thanks.

1Password Version: 5.4B40
Extension Version: 4.4.4b1
OS Version: 10.105
Sync Type: Dropbox
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  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @CurtisER,

    As you've mentioned, it's not currently possible to select exactly which symbols are used for the Password Recipe by the Password Generator and make it the default. We do have open requests for this and other methods that allow more control over how passwords are generated and I've added your suggestion/feedback there.

    In a related discussion, mike429 posted this tip:

    I typically have my password recipe set to "pronounceable" with digit separators. If I encounter a site that insists on including a special character from a defined set, I just manually append one to the end of the pronounceable password. Not a big deal; keep it long and it'll still be strong.

    I hope that or something similar will be a helpful workaround for you, too.

    ref: OPM-1378, OPM-1530

  • Hey @CurtisER,

    This has been a running suggestion that I've been flustered about myself in the past.

    The way they had described it to me was that part of the onus shouldn't be on the Team to set a way around what is considered a security flaw in the specific websites handling of your information's security.

    I rather liked the thought process of hounding the specific companies and websites that are choosing to make your accounts easier to gain access to through password restrictions rather than any other choice.

    Just muh 2 cents.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @jpartain89,

    Thanks for yur 2 cents, and perhaps a bit more. :)

    Is this at least one of the discussions you're referring to?

    Feature Request - Different ways to make a new Password

  • Hey @sjk ,

    Yes, thats exactly the thread I was speaking of!

  • CurtisERCurtisER
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    I'm not sure how to quote a reply but I am responding to sjk's reply.

    The issue (and also jpartain89's issue) is that some companies restrict certain symbols in some legacy systems we operate and other systems such as websites all conflict with each others. I needed to create a common set of symbols that is compatible with these systems I work with.

    What I've been doing all along is that I allow the Password Generator to generate a password with the symbols. Then, I check if the symbols it chose is among a common set of symbols (which is on a spreadsheet) and replace those symbols with one I pick at random from the common set.

    As you can see, it's a bit of manual work but it works because I don't have to guess up passwords myself.

    What I'm thinking and propose as follows:

    • Use 1Password's default symbols as is.
    • If an user wants a different set of symbols, the user should create a text file or some kind of string in the program but make it a restricted access (such as requiring Master Password to proceed)
    • An user selects a different symbol set must enter Master Password to avoid making mistake and make it weaker than intended
    • Run the Password Generator to generate a new password using the alternate set of symbols.
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    Thanks for that thread confirmation, @jpartain89. :+1:

    Thanks for your additional explanation and ideas, @CurtisER. :+1:

    I'm not sure how to quote a reply but I am responding to sjk's reply.

    Generally, any lines starting with > (greater-than sign) will be quoted text. It and other Markdown markup is supported. Choosing Quote under the ¶▾ menu above the comment box will quote selected text, which is convenient with multiple lines.

    The Preview button below the comment box is handy to check styling and formatting of a draft before posting it.

    Hope you don't mind my Markdown-ifying the bullet formatting at the end of your last reply. :)

    Onward with the main issue at hand. I know where you're coming from and how tedious it can be to manually tinker with password generation on a regular basis.

    Quoting what MikeT wrote at the end of the thread jpartain89 referred to:

    We do have plans to overhaul our generators to make it more intrusive to use, update our strength calculations (we always revisit to make sure it is matching the global computation power levels), include diceware, and a better UI for picking character maps (common symbols, expanded symbols) like the great suggestions we're getting from you guys here.

    I believe he meant less intrusive there. :)

    Those plans haven't changed and feedback is always welcomed. Sorry there aren't any further details right now.

    While it may not help 1Password for Mac users and doesn't address your specific interests, 1Password 6 for iOS now has a Diceware-inspired Wordlist Password Generator. So there's progress being made and hopefully the Mac version gets some love soon as well.

    I have passed along your interesting proposal to our developers. Thanks again!

    ref: OPM-797

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