iCloud in Windows [Apple does not support CloudKit Sync support outside of their App Stores]

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Is it possible to connect 1Password to iCloud via windows? Apple has a windows extension for iCloud to act basically like dropbox with its iCloud Drive but I can't move forward with restoring the backuped vault from iCloud because I can't select it. Is there a way to have windows work with iCloud?

The use case I currently have is that I have 1Password synced with iCloud (since all of my personal devices are Apple) but I would like access to my vault on my Work PC. I dont want to have two different copies (iCloud and Dropbox). Is there a way to accommodate this use case so I can have everything remain in sync without switching entirely to dropbox?


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    @srz2: Currently 1Password for Windows cannot sync via iCloud. Apple's CloudKit SDK is iOS 8 and Yosemite only. It is something we will certainly look into if Apple adds support for other platforms, but for now Dropbox is the best cross-platform cloud sync solution.

    While iCloud has the advantage of added integration and simplicity (you're likely already logged into it with your Apple ID on your Mac and iPhone, for example), Dropbox has broader support (Android, Windows, Linux, etc.) so that sounds like your best option for the time being. I hope this helps! :)

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    Hi @srz2,

    If you're not using any mobile devices, you can use iCloud Drive instead but you have to disable the iCloud Sync in the Mac App and use the Folder Sync instead. Note that we don't officially support this setup yet but it does work for some people. Here's the guide from Stefan, our Windows developer: https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/comment/160034/#Comment_160034

  • Good evening folks,
    the last statement is about 4 months old.

    Has something changed so far?
    I have the same problem - wanting to get rid of dropbox!


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    Hi @Caskstrengther,

    Nothing changed, Apple simply does not provide support for CloudKit sync outside of their App Stores at the moment. As I mentioned in the previous post, you can work around this with iCloud Drive as long as you don't use mobile devices or use iCloud Drive + Wi-Fi sync but that's not a hassle-free setup.

  • Anymore updates with io9? I want to get rid of dropbox and use icloud for my PC since I already do for ios

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    Hi @dennisgerk,

    Nothing has changed, this requires a big backend change to the CloudKit servers by Apple to allow syncing to Windows and other platforms and right now, it is still locked to iOS/OS X.

    There has to be a way Windows programs can authenticate against Apple's servers with your AppleID account before it can pull data, right now there isn't any. Apple mentioned early this year that they would open up CloudKit via their CloudKit Web Services APIs but we haven't seen any progress yet.

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