I would like 1Password to fill one-time passwords for me

Basically it's too many clicks to fill my one-time password in. Typically I will submit a login form with 1Password, which is great, and then I am asked for a one-time password and have to go back to the 1Password menu, open the item up (harder than auto-filling), then copy the OTP.

It's not horrid but it's so dramatically much more work than filling the password itself.

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  • Hi @AlanH,

    You're right, it isn't elegant at all and we do need to improve it. Sadly all I can say is it is on the todo list, we do consider it important but there are a number of critical tasks consuming the devs focus at the moment. I've added your post as a vote to see this happen. With this particular feature request it really isn't about gauging interest as even everybody here at AgileBits believes this needs to happen and I know we will address it as soon as we can.

    I do apologise I can't offer a more positive response at the moment.

    ref: OPX-758

  • JacobJacob

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    @AlanH In the case that this one-time password is used for two-step authentication, more automation isn't necessarily a good thing. After all, it's an extra layer of security you're rolling into one layer. I personally use Authy to keep authenticator codes separate from my passwords — if for some reason someone did obtain my Master Password or Dropbox password, that would be a bit of a mess for me. I could be alone in this thinking, though.

  • Our security guru Jeff Goldberg discusses this in his blog post TOTP for 1Password users.

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