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Last night, I bought a new phone T-Mobile Samsung S6 edge they transfer all data and app to my new phone and assured me all app data is backed up on my gmail account and I would not lose anything. After that, 1password has no logins! I reinstalled the application again but no information about my account was found nowhere not even in dropbox. )n have all my passwords safe in my application. Please tell me I can restore my logins.

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Referrer: kb:error-connect-to-mini


  • saadsaad

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    The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a great phone! :) Sorry to hear you are not able to access your 1Password data though.

    I’m not familiar with how T-Mobile performs backups for the old device, but my understanding is that internal app data is not accessible unless the device is rooted. That means your 1Password data cannot be backed up unless you modify the operating system to attain privileged control.

    Luckily, 1Password provides a way to sync your device. This exports your encrypted data and allows 1Password on other platforms to access the same content. 1Password on Android has support for local storage sync, Wi-Fi sync and Dropbox sync. Do you remember if you configured sync in 1Password for Android?

    Do you still have access to 1Password on your older device? Are you using 1Password on any other devices?

  • I don't remember if I configured sync in 1Password my phone used to sync auto but I was using 1Password on my phone only and when you used the T-Mobile jump service you have to give the old phone and the new one do not use Sim card and I even though have the card when I check the 1Password folder was empty. I installed 1Password in my laptop now but is sync with anything and when I tried in my phone and I select sync existing vault asked me if using Dropbox, Sync using Wi=Fi or local storage but none of them worked. When I choose Wi-Fi asked me to open 1Password in my PC but it just keep looking. I'm very worried because after I paid the subscription I entered all my password and now I don't have access.

  • saadsaad

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    Unfortunately, if you do not have access to your old device or did not configure sync, we won't be able to recover your 1Password data. :( We don't store your data on our server, all of it is stored locally on your device. Once you configure sync, you have the choice to export the encrypted data folder to your Dropbox account or on the device's storage. You can use this encrypted data folder to view the same content on your PC (or any other device) using 1Password. We might be out of luck here. :(

    Could you do a quick check through your Dropbox account to see if you see a folder called 1Password.agilekeychain? Thanks.

  • I contacted T-Mobile and after they deleted all the information from my old phone they don't have access to anything. I wish I could contact your support by phone because if kind of frustrating not to be able to contact with a live person. So from what I understand I'm not going to be able to retrieved my information back?, If I entered as new to they recognized my email and noticed that I already pay for the subscription or everything is going to be as new.

  • saadsaad

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    I'm really sorry to hear that @glavaldes. If you contact us via email at support [email protected], we can try to set up a phone call with you. Just mention this thread in your email.

    Your purchase of the premium features is processed through Google's Play Store and is linked to your Google account. So when you downloaded 1Password from the Play Store on your Galaxy S6, 1Password contacted the Play Store and recognized your purchase. That's why the premium features are unlocked.

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