1Password Win didn't create Chrome, FF extensions

I just had to have my Windows 7 laptop repaved.

Along with IE8, I installed Firefox 4 and Chrome 10. Then I downloaded and installed 1Password. It installed the extension just fine in IE, but not in Chrome or Firefox. Wondering if I should just try reinstalling 1Password?

This is leaving me a bit out of sync, to be sure!

Not sure what additional details I can give you.


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    Stevi, welcome to the forum!

    1Password detects the presence of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome; but it automatically enables the IE extension, only.

    You can easily enable the other extensions on the Browsers tab of 1Password preferences. Please see the following document for details:

    Getting Started (see "Setting Up Browser Extensions")

    I hope that helps, Stevi.
  • Thanks much. Clearly forgot all about that since I last installed.
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