Autofill passport information

I can't auto fill passport information (4 passports, the whole family) onto a British Airways webform in Chrome (via the browser add in). The category "Wallet" just isn't available. Nor does adding the passports as favourites help...

I'll do it manually this time, but it would be sweet not having to next time.



1Password Version: 4.6
Extension Version: 4.4.3
OS Version: Windows 8.1
Sync Type: Dropbox
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  • Greetings @hoburgen,

    I have a bit of bad news I'm sorry to say but the extension only attempts to fill using a particular set of categories. The full list is:

    • Logins
    • Credit Cards
    • Identities
    • Passwords

    The other categories allow you to centrally and securely store various pieces of information so they're readily accessible but the entire filling logic from code in the application to the extension doesn't attempt to interact with them in any automated fashion.

    I haven't flown recently with British Airways, are you requested to fill in the details for all the family members on the same page or is it page per person travelling? I ask as while we can't fill using a Passport item you could possibly create Login items that achieve a similar function. They would be dedicated to the British Airways site and not transferable to another site but if you routinely travel with them it might be an option. If that's something that might work for you let us know and we can discuss how it works.

  • One family member at a time. But, I am not committed to BA so creating login items won't solve my problem I'm afraid. I did enter everything manually, but it would be nice to be able to automatically fill passport information, I can't be the only one I mean. So either making the Wallet category able to interact with applications, or to simply move passports into identities (feels lik a good match there),



  • brentybrenty

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    @hoburgen: While it's important to note that passport forms aren't nearly as common or standardized as logins, we can certainly consider adding a passport filling feature to 1Password in the future. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

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