Share items including any attachements

I've poked around in the forum, correct me if I missed anything on this topic.

To share ie: a legal file or picture in 1Pass. with someone else for example a team member would be awesome. Right now the sharing feature only sends the "text" fields.

Anything coming soon with this future?

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  • brentybrenty

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    @cbotha: The only way to send data securely is in encrypted form. 1Password is built around vaults. Only the contents of vaults are encrypted. 1Password simply doesn't encrypt other data in your computer, as it isn't a general-purpose filesystem encryption utility. So the only way to share encrypted data using 1Password is by sharing a vault and giving the person the Master Password for it (otherwise they couldn't decrypt it, after all). Very convenient — and secure — for sharing data between team members, but it sounds like you're looking for something else.

    Long story short, we can certainly consider some kind of point-to-point general-purpose sharing in the future...but that would essentially be a different app entirely — something like Telegram, I guess.

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