Need to sync with iCloud, and not Dropbox, but don't want to pay another 50 bucks for 1Password...

Can I please get a copy from the Mac App Store? Asking for 50 bucks when the feature was available in 1P v4 is insane..

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  • For reference, I paid for this to use with work, but recently found out that there's a policy at work forbidding usage of Dropbox. I asked, and apparently iCloud is sufficient, so.. yeah. Need to sync with iOS and iCloud is pretty much the only other valid solution.

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    This article will explain why you must buy another license from Apple, if iCloud is important to you. In a nutshell, Apple requires that they sell the license from one of their App Stores in order to have access to the protocols needed for syncing. They provide no mechanism for developers to transfer licenses to the Mac App Store, and they also don't even provide them a way to give discounted pricing to individual users.

    Concerning your observation about the option to use iCloud existing in 1Password 4, that worked with an entirely different set of protocols. CloudKit, which came with Yosemite, is what is now used in 1Password 5, and that is what Apple closed off to applications that they don't sell themselves.

    If you bought your license from AgileBits within their 30 day refund window, they will issue you a refund and you can then go to the Mac App Store to buy a license there. Otherwise, the best you can do is wait for the next sale and buy from Apple at a reduced price.

  • At the same time, I know developers can generate gift codes for applications, so the fact that it's impossible is incorrect. I'd like an employee to answer me..

  • Also, I wanted to note, I find the fact that it's impossible to contact Agile Bits directly and are instead forced to go through this completely stupid forums system is annoying. Can I get an email to contact them directly.. ?

  • You can email to [email protected] Include a link to this forum thread. You'll get an automated reply that includes support ticket number. You can speed things along if you return here and post that ticket number in this thread.

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    Hi @ElizzyS ,

    Thanks so much for sharing your support ID! I've passed it along to our email team, you'll see an answer shortly. :)

    ref: BVU-32725-163

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