1pw not working for the single page logon at key bank. https://www.key.com/personal/index.jsp?key=co

1pw working at chase, Amex. Not key.

1Password Version: Not Provided
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Referrer: forum-search:Having trouble with https://www.key.com/personal/index.jsp?key=com. Key bank


  • Hello @edtuck,

    Can you tell us a little more about your environment please, it may have bearing one what is happening. We're interested in the following.

    1. What version of 1Password are you running?
    2. What is your preferred browser and the version of that browser?
    3. What version of the 1Password extension is installed?

    I tried creating a Login item by following our How to manually save a Login guide and while it did decide my test username looked suspiciously like a zip code and needed to be there, it did also fill the username and password into the correct fields and left focus there. I'd be interested in if you see any improvement if you create a new Login using the guide but if you don't then learning a bit more about your setup may be the key to figuring out why :smile:

  • I tried the manual method, which worked a bit different than the explanation you linked me to. (The save option appeared in the extension box. ...where the create new login option was in the list.)

    Upon trying the new login my username appears in Key's zip code field.

    Using 1pw v6.0.1. iPad mini 4 running iOS 9.

    I can't find how to look up the safari version or the extension version. I'm sure someone can tell me how.


  • Hi @edtuck,

    Just knowing you're running 1Password 6 for iOS tells me everything I need, the barrage of questions is more for Mac and OS X where you have a real choice of browsers that can have a significant impact and where you have to download the extension separately. So apologies, the guide was for those using the Mac version, I'm confident if you were to peek at the steps in Create a new Login item in Safari (iOS) that things will match what you had to do a lot closer :smile:

    So that website uses something called IFrames, it's way of enclosing an entirely different page inside of another. Unfortunately we struggle with IFrames on iOS, the developers are still investigating if there is anything we can do there as Safari on a Mac and iOS device do have their differences.

    Now something that sometimes works in these situations is to peek at the source code for the page, discover the URL for the IFrame and see what happens if you interact with the embedded page directly. Now it isn't a guarantee; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but I think it's worth a shot.

    In the case of www.key.com, the page you point us to is loading https://accounts.key.com/frameSignonClient.html as the actual login form. So ignoring 1Password for a moment, if you visit that link on your iPad and try to log in does it work? If it does then I would hope that if you were to create another new Login item (using Create a new Login item in Safari (iOS) as a better reference) that using just that URL should work.

    Does this work a bit better than my previous suggestion? (which was more Mac orientated). Hopefully you'll be reporting good news :smile:

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