Ability to ignore entries from searches and URL match?

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I have some old entries that I don't want to delete, I just don't want to see them in searches or URL matching. Is there a way to put them in a folder or tag them with a special tag so that they are ignored?


  • You've not said what version of 1P you are using and you've not told us the platform on which you're running it. However, at least on 1P4/1P5 for Mac there's an option to create a separate vault—so you could create something like an Archive vault and move the relevant items to it.


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    You mean you can't read my mind? :) Sorry, all 4 platforms, latest versions of 1P. Thanks for the extra archive suggestion. Can you easily move items between vaults?

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    You mean you can't read my mind? :)

    @411pass: I think probably Stephen_C can; he just didn't want to be a showoff. ;)

    The only way currently to exclude items is using the "Show in browser" setting in the desktop apps...but of course that doesn't help you on your mobile devices.

    So I'll have to agree with Stephen here: having a separate vault for items you're not using but still want to hang onto is a great idea. It allows you to selectively sync it only where you need it (perhaps on a computer where you'll do most of your vault management). Don't be like me. I use my Trash for this purpose. :lol:

  • Can you easily move items between vaults?

    Yes. Right click on the selected item(s), Share > Archive Vault (or whatever you have called it) > Move.


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    Ouch. I got carried away with my Trash and failed to answer your second question. Sorry about that! Stephen is right of course. You can move (or copy) items using the Share option in the contextual menu (or the menubar). Cheers! :)

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