If I my husband's PC to my Apple license and he buys a new computer will it transfer?

Hubby has very old computer and i have been waiting for it to "die" to purchase him a license so we can both use the same one pass. If I go ahead and purchase the bundled license for him and he ends up buying a new computer in a few months, will it auto transfer to the new computer?

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  • Licenses never expire and they are good for as many as six family members living in the same household. A license may be used on as many devices of the same platform as a licensee uses. So your husband will be able to use the Windows license, even if he buys a new computer in a few months. There may come a time when operating system upgrades make an old version unusable, though, so if he (or you, for that matter) are using a discontinued version, you may have to obtain an upgraded version of 1Password. Major upgrades sometimes do require an additional payment.

    The title of your post makes me want to be sure you understand that licenses are sold per platform, as well as per individual. Your Mac license won't allow your husband to run the Windows version. But there is a Mac-Windows bundle available from AgileBits that gives you a discount on the pair, which helps ease the pain a bit. If you bought your license for your Mac from the Mac App Store, you can send your Mac App Store receipt to [email protected] with a request for bundle pricing for Windows. You'll get a discount that brings your total cost to the bundle price. Do include a link to this thread in that email, if you pursue this. And, you'll receive an automated reply with a support ticket number. It would also help if you post the ticket number back here in this thread. If your Mac license came from AgileBits, check their upgrade pricing, which you can do by clicking on the appropriate button in the AgileBits web store using the link I posted.

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    Hey @gingerwedin! The account in our system that's associated with the email address you used to sign up here on the forums has a license for 1Password 5 for Mac. If you're looking to add a Windows license as well, we can offer you a bundle discount via email if you send us a message over at [email protected]. Be sure to include a link to this thread, and post back here with the BitBot number we send you so we can connect the dots. :)

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