Cannot sync Secure Notes properly

I just purchased 1Password for Windows and installed it successfully on my Windows 7 netbook. Im using it to sync passwords, etc between the netbook and my iPod Touch Gen 2 using Dropbox (Dropbox works great!). I've downloaded and installed the latest 1Password appfor iPhone. On the Windows s/w I've created "Logins", "Secure Notes", "Wallet", and "Software" records.

Here's my problem - I can successfully sync everything but Secure Notes. Following a sync, the Touch app displays everything correctly, except for Secure Notes. The titles of each Secure Notes record sync properly, but the Notes field on the Touch app remain empty following the sync. In other words, f0llowing a sync, I can see each synced Secure Notes record title on the Touch, but when I open each Secure Notes record on the Touch, the Notes field is blank. When I got back to the Windows package, the Secure Notes records contain the original data.

Certainly I must have missed a configuration setting, but I'm now stumped. Any ideas?

1Password for Windows v
Touch OS 4.2.1
1Password for iPhone V3.5.7

Thanks, Aero Man


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