My 1Password app won't open with my password. It goes to a "settings" page

The 1Password is opening in a very strange "settings" page and looks totally unfamiliar to me. My saved passwords are not there

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  • Greetings @Cloey,

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your plea for assistance. Before we can proceed I think we need to learn a little about your computer and 1Password.

    1. What Operating System are you using i.e. Windows or OS X and what version?
    2. What version of 1Password are you running?

    1Password's preferences can be opened using the keyboard shortcut ⌘, but this might not be what you're referring to when you say a strange settings page. As long as there isn't any personal information being revealed, how would you feel about showing us this page?

    If you're unsure at all the website How to take a screenshot can guide you and you can attach images to a post here in the forums using this image as a reference.

    If you do decide to do so please do check the image before uploading to make sure it doesn't display anything you really don't want visible in a public forum.

    Hopefully we can better learn what you're experiencing and be able to assist :smile:

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