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(possible interaction with MultiG app on iPhone)
I am using 1Password for Windows, ver, on a Dell PC. I have three gmail accounts, and had no problem creating the multiple logins so that when I go to gmail, 1Password gives me the appropriate choice of three login identities.

However, when I login to my gmail account using my iPhone, check my mail, then log out, the next time I go to gmail on my laptop and try to use 1Password for the login, I cannot get into whichever gmail account I accessed on my iphone. The login information in the 1Password account is correct, but gmail will not log me in. If I manually complete the login information and password, I can access my gmail accounts from the laptop, so it is only the fill-in of password by 1Password that is not working.

The only fix so far is to delete and then recreate the 1Password login account, which only works until the next time I access gmail from my iPhone.



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    Bob, welcome to the forum!

    When you log in to your Gmail account using your iPhone, what method are you using?
    • Launching Mobile Safari, going to the Gmail login page, and entering your credentials in the login form
    • Launching 1Password, choosing the Login for the Gmail login page, and letting 1Password fill the login form
    • Some other method
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    I am using the iPhone app called "MultiG" which gives a screen where you can select the gmail account you want to use for login. You can see the MultiG app on the iTunes store.

    On my laptop, I go to, and then click the 1Password button to select which account I want to use.

    The odd behavior in this: If I go back to my iPhone, I can use the MultiG app to sign in again without a problem. But on my laptop, the 1Password won't work.
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    Thanks for the follow-up, Bob.

    Because I, too, have 3 logins for different Gmail accounts, and I cannot reproduce the problem you describe using 1Password on my iPhone, I can only surmise that this MultiG app might be doing something that's causing the problem. I really don't know anything about that app or (more to the point) its inner workings.

    I'm sorry not to have a more helpful answer, Bob. If anyone else is using MultiG, perhaps they'll add some info, here. To increase the likelihood of that happening, I've modified the title of this thread slightly to include that app's name.

    For the record, you can use the 1Password app on your iPhone to log into any of your Gmail accounts. Even better, you can sync it with 1Password for Windows using Dropbox, as described in these documents.

    The "big picture":

    Windows-specific instructions:

    I hope that helps, Bob.
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