cannot transfer 1P3 from dead MBP via ext HDD to 1P5 on yosemite

I am having a grave problem.
My old (2006) MBP died on me about 10 days ago, I have now purchased a new MBP (early 2011) running Yosemite.
I had backed up on ext HDD about a fortnight prior to the event, and have transferred the storage onto the new m/c.using time machine.
Because of the age of the old m/c, I could only run 1P 3, which won't run on yosemite. I keep being told that 1P4/5 will recognise 1P3 and transfer all the data.
However it is not happening, am I going to lose all my stored passwords on 1P 3, or is there some way to effect the transfer.
One other point, 1P 4 is also referred to as being capable of accepting 1P 3's there a conflict in trying to go from 1 to 5,although when I search for 1P 4
only 1P 5 is listed.


1Password Version: 1 to 5
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS 10 10 5
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Greetings @Jumbo,

    So firstly, don't worry about differences between 1Password 4 and 1Password 5 - nothing there will affect your ability to import a 1Password 3 vault. So once we identify the cause I'm extremely confident that as long as your backup has a copy of your vault we can get it working.

    I would like you to do the following please.

    1. Open a Finder window.
    2. Use the keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘G to open a Go to Folder... window.
    3. Paste in the following path and click the Go button. The path is ~/Library/Application Support/

    If when you transferred over your old data it transferred your 1Password 3 vault you should see a folder titled 1Password in this Application Support folder. If you see a 1Password 4 folder that isn't it, that's the support folder for the AgileBits Store version of both 1Password 4 and 5 (we didn't update the number).

    So if there isn't a 1Password folder we need to look at your external drive and see if we can find the vault on there. You mentioned Time Machine before, is that what you used to create this backup? I ask as the instructions will differ if it's a clone of the drive using something like SuperDuper! or if it was made using Time Machine and I want to make sure I'm giving you accurate steps.

    As I said earlier, as long as your vault was saved when you made the backup we can definitely get you back on track :smile:

  • Hello, thank you for your reply, I have followed your instructions, and yes, 1password is in library, along with 1password 4.
    I used time machine to perform the backup from my old m/c prior to it dying.
    I look forward to your reply

  • Hello @Jumbo,

    Okay, if you have a 1Password folder that's promising. Now if you didn't use Dropbox on your old Mac there should be a bundle (it isn't strictly a file) inside that 1Password folder titled 1Password.agilekeychain. That is your 1Password 3 vault. If your Agile Keychain is here it's odd, 1Password should have found it and used it so let's see what happens if we try a different tact.

    1. Copy the Agile Keychain to your Desktop.
    2. Launch 1Password 5. If it isn't finding your 1Password 3 vault I assume you see this screen
    3. If you do, follow the steps in Using existing 1Password data on a new computer: Elsewhere on your Mac and point 1Password to the Agile Keychain you copied to your Desktop.
    4. If you don't see that screen, have you already set up a new (and empty vault in 1Password 5? If you have then our How do I start over with an empty vault? guide will allow you to reset 1Password 5 and then hopefully you can use the steps above.

    If 1Password is still giving you resistance is it displaying any error message at all, offering up any explanation as to what the problem might be?

    I'm hopeful that if this doesn't get your 1Password 3 vault into 1Password 5 we should at least learn something new to narrow down the problem :smile:

  • Hello, many thanks for your assistance with my problem, I still wasn't able to effect the transfer, but because I didn't have "thousands" of passwords I decided to capitulate and just reset them all in 1P 5.

  • Hi @Jumbo,

    I'm sorry you ended up feeling it was necessary to go down that route. I don't know why 1Password 5 was giving you so much grief in this respect but I will acknowledge that sometimes a manual approach, like the one you've taken, can sometimes simply be the quickest route. It's not entirely applicable but it does remind me of an xkcd comic.

    We do try to automate upgrading but if something goes wrong and resetting passwords is a lot quicker than getting the vault imported I can see why your typical person will say "hey, let's go with the quicker route and just get this over with". Hopefully you find 1Password 5 worth the fight!

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