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Need an option to choose to replace or not
Hello all. I have been trying out 1Pass to see if it can suit our needs. There are a couple things, but i will keep this post focused on the topic...

I want to be able to update a data file, export those changed items, and then send the .pif off to someone else to update their items having the exact same Title. If the user has that item stored in a folder/subfolder (type thing), then it needs to appear there as well.

All I am seeing on imort is anything coming in adds duplicate entries to the database.

This make 1Password unusable for us right now.

(We have a mixed bacth of win/mac users, btw).

I am very intersted in any updates in this regard.


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    TwoHawks, welcome to the forum!

    You're correct: import is different from sync'ing, in which duplicates can be expected to be evaluated and handled.

    To share and sync your 1Password data among PCs, Macs, and mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7), you need to use Dropbox, as described in the following documents.

    The "big picture":

    Windows-specific instructions:
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