Pacific Western Bank requires two steps - go to main page, choose log in to go to log in page

I don't know how to do a two-step login. I'm also just learning the system. My bank requires you to go to a home/main page, then click log-in, to go to a second page where you can log in. If I use 1Password for to enter the first page info, it gets me there, but then won't log in. I can use
then manually select the login button from the Bank's page, then have a second 1Passport log-in to log in from that page. Is that the cleanest/only way to do it? Is there a 1Password trick with layers or something for this kind of thing that can all be on 1 login page for the bank?

1Password Version: 5.3
Extension Version: 4.4.2
OS Version: OS X 10.10.5
Sync Type: iCloud
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  • Hi @gayemacy,

    So just to check that I understand.

    Normally (prior to trying 1Password) you would first visit the home page of your bank so you can click the link that takes you to the first login screen. You fill in the fields and then click the login button to be sent to the second login page.

    So you saved a new Login item after filling in the fields of the first login page and if you use open and fill it takes you directly to the first login page (so bypassing the bank's home page) but it doesn't submit the page after filling.

    If that's an accurate understanding of the issue I have one question. What happens in the following scenario?

    1. You manually visit the first login page, like you did prior to trying 1Password.
    2. You enter your login credentials but you don't click the login button.
    3. With focus on the last of the fields you typed into, you press the enter key.

    The way our submit after filling feature works is we mimic the enter key being pressed. We do this as interacting with buttons through JavaScript is incredibly fragile, so much so that it would frustrate our users too much. It's rare but I have come across one or two sites that don't react to the enter key while the majority of the do.

    If this isn't the case how would you feel about posting the URL for the home page of your bank? We won't be able to help much about the second page unless one of us is a customer of the same bank but we should be able to look at the first page and see if there is anything odd going on.

  • Little Bobby -
    Just saw this and it works perfectly
    You've answered every question I've put on here, and made my life immensely less frustrating ; )
    Many, many thanks,

  • Thank you @gayemacy, it's moments like this that make support so satisfying. We get to help people, and we get to help guide the developers in what our users tell us needs attention either in bug reports or suggestions on how to improve 1Password.

    If you have any other queries please do ask away and I'll see if I can maintain this level of satisfaction with 1Password :smile:

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