1Password for Teams: My web and mac app master passwords are different (I know both). How to fix?

(I have access to all my data, for now at least)
When I created my 1Password for Teams account online, I created a master password (let's say it was "password". It wasn't of course).
When I downloaded and installed the Mac App (beta app with Teams support) I know I was supposed to have used the same Master Password, but by a typo mistake I used a DIFFERENT Master Password (let's say it was "passsword" with 3 s's).

when I go to my Team's URL (team-MYTEAM.1password.com) I enter the original web MP ("password").
when I go to my Mac App I enter the typo'd MP ("passsword").
I also use 1Password on iPhone and iPad. I would like to use the same MP everywhere.

What is the best way for me to proceed in getting all my MPs to be the same?

Thanks, love your product - excited to switch (back) to 1Password from LastPass now that you have the Team option.

1Password Version: 5.5.BETA-24 (550024)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Teams
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  • OK, I think I have solved the issue by manually changing the MP on all my non-web 1Password Apps (Mac, iPhone, iPad - had to do it 3 places) to be the same as the web MP, but all seems to be well now.

  • MeganMegan

    Team Member

    Hi @cspiller,

    I'm glad to hear that you got things sorted out!

    It sounds to me like you set the password for your primary vault to be the same as the Master Password for your Teams account. While we're working on Teams-only instances of 1Password, right now you will need to create a primary vault to add your Teams account to 1Password. The password for your primary vault certainly doesn't have to be the same as the Master Password for your 1Password for Teams account, but I can certainly see why you wouldn't want to have multiple passwords stored in your brain (it's why you're using 1Password after all!)

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts about the Teams beta!

  • Yep that was it. I did not under the distinction between Team Vaults and Primary Vault (or how Primary Vaults were related across devices and how that is different than how Team Vaults are related across devices). But I understand it now.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @cspiller,

    I'm glad I was able to help! I'll pass this along to our documentation team, as you're likely not the only one to have this question.

    If you have any other questions about 1Password, you know where to find us. ;)

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