Why did the editing feature break?

edited November 2015 in 1Password 3 – 6 for Mac

When I attempt to edit a password, which I have been doing for years, nothing works: after clicking Edit,

  • the account name goes blank
  • the password is invisible
  • though the Notes text is visible, as soon as click in it to add more text, the image goes beserk: the text gets stretched to a huge size and blurred, and though I type in more text in the bottom, and save it, it is simply bizarre behavior!

Please tell me there is an immediate fix for this! I use this app heavily, and am very disappointed to have this bug interfering with it.

I've been using 1Password since 2012, and this is the first time I've a problem with it. I have the latest version,

--Rick Casey

1Password Version: Version 3.8.22 (build 32010)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.11.1
Sync Type: dropbox


  • @rcasey as your post relates to 1P3 for Mac I have moved the post from the 1Password for Mac forum to the 1P3 legacy forum where you will get more help.

    The best place to start is by ready the AgileBits' posts in this sticky at the top of the forum.


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @rcasey,

    I hope that the post that Stephen linked to has answered your questions! Of course, if there's anything you need clarification on, we're happy to help. :)

  • I have 1password for Mac version 3.8.22 and am having the same problem as above, the title and notes page go black when i try to edit. Please help

  • Apparently I'm using a legacy version of 1P. I am willing to upgrade, but am puzzled why the 'check for updates' feature did not inform me of this.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @BernieP,

    In Stephen's post, he links to a thread that explains how 1Password 3 works in El Capitan. This thread also includes a discussion of your options moving forward.

    Hi @rcasey,

    The check for updates option will show all in-version updates. So, moving from version 3.5 to 3.6, for example. 1Password 4 was released as a separate app, and a paid upgrade. We announced the new version on our blog and on Twitter and Facebook (everywhere we could, really ... we were pretty excited!) Because we didn't want users to feel that they had to upgrade immediately, we did not make an in-app announcement. If you're interested in hearing about new things from 1Password, we'd love it if you'd check out our blog, or follow us on Twitter (@1Password) and Facebook, or sign up for our newsletters. This way you'll be hear about all of the great new stuff we've got going on. :)

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