When will 1Password be half price again?


I remember one day I was browsing on the app store a few weeks ago and saw you could purchase 1Password for like $29.99. Could anyone tell me when I can expect it to be half off again please? I'd like to buy it for my Mac so I can easily access information from 1Password on my iPhone to my Mac.

Thank You :)

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  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    Who can tell? At least, if anyone knows they aren't saying at present.

    There are frequent sales, so keep looking out. Check Twitter or Facebook or the AgileBits blog.

  • Hi @ChocolateAndTech,

    I can't spill any future details about sales, but Danco is right, we'll always announce them on our blog, Twitter (@1Password) and Facebook.

    Stay tuned! :)

  • Sometimes you can get 1Password as part of a bundle of apps and this can work out quite cost effective (assuming the bundle of apps contain apps that you need too). Try searching "1Password Bundle"

  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    I believe there is a Parallels bundle right now that includes 1PW.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Indeed. And frankly since the bundle is the same price as a Parallels license, it's like you're buying Parallels and getting everything else for free. I'm on the fence myself, since I already bought Parallels 11 though. :lol:

  • Another comment about bundles: Users who obtain 1Password in a bundle will have the AgileBits web store version, which, because of Apple's policy on the matter, will not have access to iCloud for data syncing. There have been posters to the forum who haven't understood that.

    I don't say this to discourage users getting 1Password this way. But there won't be the same kind of notice about iCloud as there is on the AgileBits web store.

  • Thanks for adding those details, Hawkmoth!

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