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I have an up to date license for 1Password Pro for Windows (in addition to a complete multi-device license for iOS). I've never really used 1Password, as it was too complicated and time consuming to transfer 300+ logins and notes from RoboForm, which I currently use. Now, however, I have taken the plunge and bought (my first) iMac. If I download 1Password for the Mac, will the license I have work or do I have to re-buy the program? Please advise.

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    @ChrisHerd: We license our software on a per-platform basis, so for example a single 1Password for Windows license entitles you (and up to 5 other family members living in the same household) to use 1Password on all of your PCs. However, 1Password for Mac is a separate purchase. That said, if you've got an existing Windows license, we're happy to give you a coupon to 'upgrade' and add a Mac license as well at the bundle price. Just shoot us an email at [email protected] with your license information and we'll take care of you. Cheers! :)

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