forgot PW. Created new fault on iPad. Can't sync to iPhone. Old remains on iPhone

I forgot my password to unlock my fault, so I created my new vault on my iPad
now I need this new vault to also be on my iPhone, but syncing doesn’t seem to transfer it.

My iPhone still has the old vault

Thanks for your help

Craig Yutzy

1Password Version: Not Provided
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  • @yaktocraig we need some basic information in order to help you. Please tell us:


  • Both devices have iOS 9.1
    I would prefer to use cloud, or wifi for syncing


  • @yaktocraig you did not say what version of 1Password you're using on both devices, so for the purpose of this reply I'm going to assume it's 1P 6 for iOS.

    In your first post you said:

    but syncing doesn’t seem to transfer it.

    Please tell us what sync method you have set up (out of the two you mentioned in your last post) and the exact nature of any sync error (including the exact wording of any error message you see). The more details you can provide the easier it will be for us to help.

    I'm assuming you've already looked at the relevant sections of the user guide about how to set up sync.


  • Hello @yaktocraig,

    Again, like Stephen_C I'm going to assume you're running 1Password 6 on baths devices which would make sense if they are both running iOS 9 and you're keeping apps updated.

    On your iPad I would like you to launch 1Password for iOS and unlock your vault. Now go to Settings > Advanced and tap the Erase iCloud Data option at the bottom of the screen. This will delete the 1Password iCloud Sync container and just that. You will need to re-enable iCloud Sync and the steps in Sync with iCloud should help.

    On your iPhone you will need to follow our How do I start over with an empty vault? guide and then the page Existing 1Password user (iOS) will help you push the iCloud data from the iPad onto your iPhone.

    If you have any questions or issues at all please do let us know.

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