New Phone, New PC. I need to move wifi sync from the old phone and PC to new phone and PC: ios & MAC

I have 2 vaults. I use iOS. Need to move to new phone and new Mac. I didn't see an option for wifi sync on my phone, until I sync my primary vault individually, manually. I can go to each vault individually and sync on to my new Mac but doing so won't sync the other vault, nor it auto syncs. If I chose only one vault (primary), I can do it manually. what do I do

1Password Version: 6.1.1
Extension Version: ??
OS Version: ios 10.11.1
Sync Type: wifi
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  • Hello @Nel,

    I'd like to recommend an alternative route if I may.

    Instead of trying to use Wi-Fi Sync to ready the new Mac I would like to suggest moving the entire support folder across. That way 1Password for Mac will pick up exactly where it left off on the old one in terms of your vaults. The folder in question depends on which version of 1Password you're using (AgileBits Store or Mac App Store) and the two paths are:

    • AgileBits Store: ~/Library/Application Support/1Password 4/
    • Mac App Store: ~/Library/Containers/

    So to reach the enclosing folder what you want to do is:

    1. Open a Finder window.
    2. Use the keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘G to open a Go to Folder... window.
    3. For the AgileBits Store version paste in ~/Library/Application Support/ and for Mac App Store paste in ~/Library/Containers/ and click the Go button.
    4. Copy the correct folder to an external or pen/flash drive.
    5. Repeat steps 1-3 on the new Mac to open a Finder window in the right location and copy the folder in.

    Those steps work best if you haven't run 1Password for Mac on the new Mac yet. If you have then you will want to make sure 1Password mini isn't running (can you see the icon in the menu bar?) and you might need to overwrite an existing support folder but that's fine as you're replacing it with a good one from the old Mac.

    That will take care of the Mac and copy not just the vault but backups too which can often be worth keeping. You can set up a new iOS device by setting up Wi-Fi Sync on the new Mac and connecting the new iOS device to it.

    That would be the best route in my opinion, if you have any questions or issues please do let us know.

  • Thank you. It worked. I don't see iCloud option on either of my Mac, would it be another option to do I guess. Any idea why it would not show iCloud?

  • Hi @Nel,

    As of 1Password 5 for Mac iCloud Sync is sadly only available in 1Password for Mac (Mac App Store). If you're running our AgileBits Store version of 1Password then that would be the cause and is the most likely reason given what we see here in the forums. When Apple released iCloud Drive we shifted from a basic iCloud Sync to using a framework designed by Apple called CloudKit. Sadly CloudKit is only accessible by apps or applications obtained from one of Apple's stores. Does this explanation apply at all to your 1Password setup?

  • Thank you @littlebobbytables,
    I really appreciated your help. Regarding iCloud: Yes, I bought the it directly from AgileBits and I understand that there might be limitations. there anything can be done to accommodate us?
    Thanks again.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @Nel,

    Unfortuantely at present Apple only allows access to CloudKit for iCloud syncing from apps purchased from the App Store. I wish there were something we could do in such cases but unfortunately our hands are tied.


  • Hi @bwoodruff,
    Would be crazy to suggest Agilebits to give redeemable coupon for those who purchased outside of Apple's AppStore? I'm even OK to pay few bucks for the iCloud convenience.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Unfortunately Apple only grants us a handful of 'promo codes' -- not nearly enough to supply everyone. It wouldn't be fair for us to do so for some and not others.

    So, not crazy, but not currently possible.

    If the need isn't urgent you may want to wait for a sale. While I don't have any details, it isn't uncommon for us to put 1Password on sale around the upcoming holidays.

    Sorry I don't have the answer you were hoping for.


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