How do I access my 1PW account from a different iPad?

We have 2 iPads. I purchased 1PW for mine and I want my husband to be able to access my account from his iPad. How can we accomplish this without buying it yet again? (I also purchased it for our Mac desktop.). Thanks,

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  • @PatFarmer165 - We'll need some additional information to be sure of the answers to your post. You'll need to tell us what method you use for syncing your data. Also, if you are using iCloud, do you use the same Apple ID or do you each have separate ones?

    As far as buying again is concerned, 1Passwrod for iOS is free to download and use in its basic form. If that serves you and/or your husband, then there is no charge for either of you. If you want or need the more advanced Pro features, those are activated by an in-app purchase. They are then available to all iOS devices that share the same Apple ID. If you and your husband don't use the same Apple ID and both want the Pro features, each of you will have to buy them separately. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't permit Family Sharing for in-app purchases.

    Let us know more about your setups, and I'm sure you will be able to accomplish what you wish.

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    @PatFarmer165: Indeed, if you share the same Apple ID for purchases, it will be a single purchase. Otherwise it is a separate App Store purchase for other Apple IDs. That said, the free version is more than enough for a lot of people, so you can always start there and then upgrade if needed later on. You simply won't get the more advanced Pro Features without the upgrade.

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