can knox encrypt my whole hd

I would like the whole drive encrypted not just folders can that be possible, where it ask for a password for to open encryption and then show my login macintosh window.

1Password Version: knox
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.10.5
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • hawkmothhawkmoth
    edited December 2015

    @hvargas - I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm curious why you wouldn't just use FileVault to encrypt an entire Mac hard drive.

    Edit: I'm going to move this to the Knox section of the forum, where your question will get the proper attention it deserves.

  • @hawkmoth - Yes, I wanted to see if Knox can do that, then go to my next question which would be if I attached a external drive would it auto prompt me to encrypt it?

  • Andrew_AGAndrew_AG

    Team Member

    No, Knox is not meant for encrypting your whole hard drive. We recommend FileVault for that. It can be used to encrypt an entire external hard drive (though you won't be prompted to do so automatically), although it does have trouble doing so in El Capitan at this time.

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