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Hi Agile Team,

I'm trialing 1Password on Windows and Mac and iPad to possible migrate to as a total password manager solution. I'm coming from a Roboform & LastPass background. I love 1Password and am excited about it being able to match those two competitors in many ways. I realize the Windows app is fairly new, so I am looking forward to updates and getting it up to the Mac version (which looks glorious, btw).

One feature request I'd like to ask for here is the ability to view logins within the browser. When I open the browser plug-in, I can't view the logins I am storing. I can only view a login if I happen to be on a page that has an associated login. Ala Roboform and LP, you should be able to view your login list in the browser plug-in so you can browse through, double click on one and it launch. I don't want to have to browse back to the app to see my logins. Also, when I double click from the app and it opens a web page, it doesn't seem to fill or submit, but only takes me to the page?

Any ideas on when a version will be released with Form Filling for FF and IE?



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    Curbed, welcome to the forum!

    You can, indeed, view all your Logins in the browser extensions: in FF and IE, click the Go and Fill Login button; in Chrome, click the All Logins button. (It's true that you can't edit Login items within the browser extensions, if that's what you mean; but that wasn't our intention.)

    As documented in Using a saved Login item in the Tutorials section of the user's guide, you do have to fill and submit a login form after going to the site from within 1Password. That's not the case if you use the Go and Fill Login button in the browser extension, which you may find easier, now that you know it exists.

    Form filling works great in FF and IE, with the one exception of data from your saved Identity items; Login data and Credit Card data is filled, as expected.

    I hope you won't mind my suggesting that you take a few minutes to read the Introduction, Getting Started, and Tutorials sections of the user's guide. They're short, and they'll give you the information you need to get up to speed quickly. As you use 1Password for Windows, we believe you'll find the FAQ section to be a useful resource, too.
  • Thanks for the reply. Ahhh, I see what you are referring too. Yay, all my logins. Not the most obvious spot, but at least it's there. Thanks. The Chrome plug-in works great! Good job, as I know it's tough coding a Chrome plug-in v.s the other Browsers. Now, if Identity can just be added to FF and IE, I'll be mighty impressed!
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