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Would it be possible to limit certain devices access? i.e. If your at work you can see and copy all your passwords but if you want to use your home computer you can only use them via the software. You can't copy paste or even view them since your aren't at work.

Or the reverse of that. You can see all your family accounts and stuff. Full access at home but once you go to work you can only use the software.

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    Hi @Scuba629 ,

    Thanks for the excellent feature request. I'll pass it along to the development team.


    ref: #713

  • I could think of a few ways to do this, and it could variously be controlled by the user or teams administrator as is appropriate for a particular data set using one or more of the following means:

    1. Per-device approval
    2. Certificate
    3. IP whitelist
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    Hi @cobaltjacket ,

    Great suggestions. I'll pass it along!


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