After phone reset, cannot access a login to 1Password; asking me to sync, but no vault file visible

Been running down wifi connection problems with new HTC One M9 (AT&T). HTC advised hard reset. Backed up using HTC Backup; tried to backup 1Password to local storage, I thought SD card. Had 1Password 4 with premium features unlocked.

Lots of trouble: 1Password left a directory called com.agilebits.onepassword under Android/Data on phone, it contains a cache file. There is a similar setup on the SD card. Both caches contain "no files."

HTC Backup did not populate 1Password when I restored from backup using HTC Backup. I went to the Playstore and downloaded the app to the phone. The app seems stuck in an introductory loop of 4 pages about features; there is a popup that says "premium features unlocked," which makes me think that it knows who I am. However, nowhere am I able to log in with my master password. The app shows a welcome to 1 Password page and gives two options: create new vault and sync existing vault. How about restore from the backup file that I thought I had created? If I click on Sync existing vault, sync using local storage doesn't find a backup vault file on either onepassword directory/file (listed above). Guys: how do I get out of this totentanz and back to my logins?

1Password Version: 4
Extension Version: won't let me in to check...
OS Version: Android
Sync Type: local storage (I thought)
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  • periperi

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    Hey there, @rostanek. :)

    Unfortunately, many device backup programs do not back up .agilekeychain folders. I'm not familiar with HTC Backup, but I do know that Samsung Kies, for instance, only backs up certain device data, such as contacts, images, music, etc.

    We recommend syncing with Dropbox, syncing with another device using WiFi, or copying your .agilekeychain folder onto another device before doing a factory reset.

    It sounds like the .agilekeychain may not have been backed up. However, I'd like you to search through your backup files for any folder ending in .agilekeychain, as that's the vault you need.

    Let us know what you find out!

  • peri:

    Thanks for responding.

    Let me clarify that I had backed up 1Password using 1Password. I did not rely on someone else's software, as I had intentionally backed up using 1Password first.

    If I attempt to backup to local storage (goal: SD card) using 1Password, I should find an agilekeychain folder on the SD card. I did not reset the contents of the SD card. No agilekeychain folders present.

    If it is lost, and I have to start over, I will not be happy. However, I can't even do that, currently. As noted above, I cannot bypass the feature introduction pages and the Storage & Syncing page.

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    Thanks for the update. While 1Password will sync your data file to the location of your choosing either on your device's local storage or in Dropbox, we do not have a server that 1Password automatically backs up to.

    To be clear, can you confirm that you originally configured 1Password to sync with local storage, but then chose a location on an SD card? If so, was 1Password syncing properly with that SD card prior to the factory reset?

    1Password 4 for Android does not have the ability to restore backups, so you'd need to sync an existing vault in order to recover your data. Provided you have a copy of that vault (.agilekeychain), on an SD card or another device, you should be able to choose "I've used 1Password before" on the welcome screen you're seeing, and then locate that saved vault. Unfortunately, though, if the only place the .agilekeychain was backed up to is the SD card, and if it's no longer on that SD card. I'm afraid we won't be able to recover that data.

  • i think you are missing his point, and i am having a similar issue, although i relied on it automatically backing up as part of my time machine back up for my macbook. what a huge oversight. i had over 100 passwords and logins that i don't have any access to otherwise. i hope you add a big warning at the time of set up that forces automatic back up. this whole ordeal is more work than if i had not paid anything, and just used keychain.. very disappointing discovery.

    the point of rostanek that i think you're missing is that even though we've purchased the program, we can't log in easily to rebuild our cache of passwords without having a vault to transfer.

    you have to add new vault, and then you can go into the settings and add a license number so you can use the version you paid for.

    hope this helps!


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    Hi @lydiacrash. Can you clarify whether you're referring to 1Password on Mac or 1Password on Android?

    This forum topic is for 1Password 4 for Android, which doesn't backup to the system. It's possible to sync with local storage and create a local vault folder, sync with Dropbox, and sync using Wi-Fi. All of these sync solutions essentially save the vault to either the local drive, Dropbox, or another device, so the vault can be restored if need be.

    That said, 1Password 5 for Mac does indeed create automatic backups, which you can restore if your vault has been deleted. The backups are created every time a change is made to the vault, so the most recent backup on the device should have your most up-to-date vault data. To restore a backup on Mac, select File > Restore from the menu bar. Then locate the most recent backup file and tap Restore.

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