Firefox and Safari: Saving log-ins

Save separately?
Maybe this is covered somewhere I am not finding. I'm new to 1Password; still in trial version. When I do a "save" in Safari, it will save that log-in for Safari, but it is not to be found in Firefox. Will that happen once I sync 1Password or do I have to save a log-in site separately in each browser?



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    Hi jmbell,

    Thanks for giving 1Password a try, we're happy to answer any of your questions.

    This is one of the reasons 1Password was created, so that you can have a single, secure store for your web logins that can be accessed via browser extensions, in this case for Safari and Firefox and so unlike using a browser's own password manager you'll be able to access any logins you save in one browser in another, providing they've been saved to your 1Password data file.

    Hope that makes sense,

    Sort of; but if I click on the log-in in 1Password itself, it goes to Safari, even if Firefox is the browser I have open. Guess I'm still asking if I have to save that log-in in Firefox itself before it shows in 1P in Firefox itself. All seems to default to Safari, even when Firefox 4 is set as my default browser. (Using Snow Leopard.) Sorry to be so "thick."
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    This is strange, 1Password should obey OS X's default browser options set (oddly) in Safari by going to Safari > Preferences > General and changing your browser to be Firefox.

    One thing to mention is that the way 1Password works means that you don't need to start from 1Password to login to your sites. Just visit the site in Firefox and either use the '1P' icon in the Firefox toolbar or use the Command + \ keyboard shortcut to fill your login for that site, or show a list of your available Logins if you have multiple Login items for that site saved.

    Actually, and I should have mentioned this to start with, Let me point you toward something you might find quite beneficial for getting started with 1Password. Our friend Don McAllister from ScreenCasts Online produced a terrific screen-cast a few months ago on 1Password. Here's the link for it:

    It's a brief overview of 1Password, full of great tips and information that would probably help you quite a bit.  If you click on the link above, you can read the overview, then scroll down a bit and you'll see where it says "Watch the free show from this web page by clicking on the videos below"... then select the video picture/link that says "Play LowRes" to watch it on your Mac, as shown here:

    Please let me know if there's anything else I can answer, or if you run into any issues when changing default browsers.

    Ok, I'll give all these a try (including resetting Firefox as the default browser) and reading the Screen Cast and Overview... will let you know.
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    Take your time. We will be here if you need anything. If there is anything we can do to help, just let us know! :)

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    Ok, I'll give all these a try (including resetting Firefox as the default browser) and reading the Screen Cast and Overview... will let you know.
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