Lost functionality following 1P update
I’m new to 1Password for Windows and made the upgrade to v1.0.3.165 this morning. The result is that I seem to have lost the auto-submit feature. My requirement for this is flagged in both Preferences and via the icon in the browser. Rebooting my machine didn’t help.

I also found that the login which 1Password automatically set up for me to enter this forum resulted in a display of error #10125 – (must agree to the registration terms.) I had agreed and can bypass this error to login.


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    colonsay, welcome to the forum!

    1Password saves the exact form, including all the hidden and visible fields, that was displayed at the moment you saved the new Login item.

    If that Login item isn't quite right for subsequent visits—for example, you only need to visit the "new account" page once; after that, you want to visit the "login" page—the best strategy is to save a new one:
    1. Go to the web site's login page.
    2. Fill in the form fields as you want them, but do not submit the login form.
    3. Click the 1P button on the browser's toolbar, and click the Save Login button.
    4. Select the option to "replace existing Login," and choose the Login that's not working quite right.
    5. Click the Save button.

    On subsequent visits, the new Login should work as desired.

    If not, please post a URL, so we can try to understand the problem.

  • Many thanks for your response. The problem has mysteriously disappeared. The only action I took was to sync with my 1P on iPhone, which was correctly supporting auto-submit.
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    That's good news, colonsay! Thanks for updating the thread.
  • I now realise how the auto-submit mysteriously started to work. I had forgotten to de-activate my Norton 360 Identity Protection, which itself provided the auto-submit (I’m trying to replace this Norton tool with 1P as the former doesn’t sync with iPhone).

    So with Norton de-activated, and following your recommendation above, I still can’t get auto-submit to work with Windows, even though its sync ed copy works fine on iPhone. This applies to all my logins, but to give you the sample URL requested, it doesn’t work on

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    Just to be clear, colonsay, a failure of auto-submit would be 1Password filling in the form correctly but not submitting the form.

    If that's what you're describing, please edit the item and make sure the Submit option is set to if auto-submit is ON or Always. Also make sure that the Auto-Submit option is enabled on the Logins tab of 1Password preferences.

    If that's not what you're describing, though—in other words, if 1Password isn't filling the form correctly—then there's probably a problem with the fields that have been saved in your Login item for that URL. (My Login item for the support forums works fine, so the problem isn't with 1Password's ability to fill and submit the form.)

    In that case, I hope you won't mind my asking you to try what was recommended above (

    Let us know how it goes.
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    As before, I followed your recommendation above and was still unable to achieve auto-submit for any of my logins. By this, I mean that username and password were not entered in the specified login boxes – 1Password did not fill in the form at all. Use of other browsers made no difference and auto-submit was ticked in both the places required.

    I thought that uninstall and reinstall of 1Password might help. During uninstallation, the following message was displayed: “Are you sure you want to completely remove 1Passwordand all its components?” I was therefore surprised to find that keychain, license key and all my data remained available to the freshly installed software after this process.
    And I’m afraid the reinstallation made no difference – login forms are still not filled in by 1Password.
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    Lots of points to cover, colonsay.

    Uninstall: It's standard practice for an uninstaller NOT to remove anything except what was installed. Data you create with a program shouldn't be removed. (For example, I'd hate to uninstall a text editor and discover that it had removed every text file I'd created with it.)

    Error report: We pulled your error report off the forum, as it contains your 1Password license. :)

    Auto-submit: Again, auto-submit is the option for 1Password to submit a form after it has filled in the form's fields. The fact that 1Password isn't filling in the form has nothing to do with auto-submit being enabled or disabled.

    • Can you take a screen shot of the edit window showing your Login for these forums (the one you cited as an example, in your earlier post)?

      Be sure to redact your password! :)

    • Can you also take a screen shot of the Logins tab of 1Password preferences?

    • Can you also let us know what version of what browser you're using?

    • Are you clicking the 1P button in the browser's toolbar, or simply pressing Ctrl+\ to fill the form?

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    Very many thanks for your help and patience. As they say, if all else fails, read the manual.
    I didn’t, but now have done and it all works like a dream.
    (I had thought that a double click on a login entry displayed in 1Password would (a) open the web page and (b) fill in the login and submit it. I’d overlooked usage of the 1Password icon in the browser toolbar.)
    All the best!
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    Glad to help, colonsay! Thanks for letting us know how it turned out.
  • Just set-up a Win7 laptop (6.1 Build 7600) and demo version of 1Password(1P).
    Also have a MBP17 and 13, iPad1 and iPhone3 sync-ed to 1Password on MBP17.
    1P on the apple products auto-fill *and* auto submit login (username/password) when I click on the required login URL.

    With Windows - fiddling around, seems that, I have to
    1. In 1P select the login (to the site required)
    2. Click on the URL to the site
    3. Click on the 1P button on Firefox (3.6.16) tool bar, when the site presents login form
    4. Click on "Go an fill in with Login"
    which then auto fills and auto submit.

    Am I missing something ?

    I am so used to 1 x click with 1P on the Macs, be great if someone can show me how to get auto-fill and auto-submit working on the Win7 version, same as the Macs.
  • On Windows, you skip step #1 and #2. You start with step #3.
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    Welcome to the forum, lozza!

    Sorry for the confusion, but 1Password doesn't automatically fill in your credentials unless you tell it that's what you want it to do. You can read all about it in the user's guide:

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    Many thanks. Found that out 1
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    lozza wrote:

    With Windows - fiddling around, seems that, I have to
    1. In 1P select the login (to the site required)
    2. Click on the URL to the site
    3. Click on the 1P button on Firefox (3.6.16) tool bar, when the site presents login form
    4. Click on "Go an fill in with Login" which then auto fills and auto submit.

    Just to be clear, you'd still do your steps 1 and 2 if you're in 1Password, rather than in a browser. In that case, your steps 3 and 4 could be replaced with

    3. Press Ctrl+\.

    If you're already in a 1Password-enabed browser, though, there are two ways you could go:

      1. Click the 1Password button in the browser's toolbar.
      2. Click the Go and Fill Login button.
      3. Choose the Login for the site.

      1. Go to the site.
      2. Press Ctrl+\.

    All of that is described in the user's guide (links above).
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