I need Safari browser extension 3.9.20, links only download Safari extension 4+

I have 1Password 3.8.21 running on several Macs - recently had to install it on a backup iMac running 10.9.5, and I can't find or download the correct Safari browser extension (3.9.20). There is a page on the website which says it will download the correct Safari extension, but it actually downloads 4.4+ (which, of course, won't work with 1Password 3.8.21). Can you get me Safari extension 3.9.20? Thanks.

1Password Version: 3.8.21
Extension Version: 3.9.20
OS Version: OS 10.10.5
Sync Type: Dropbox
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  • Hello @jtnoble,

    The easiest way to find the correct page is to use the menu option 1Password > Install Browser Extensions.... That should be taking you to the correct page for your version. Should that still not behave the page you're after is https://agilebits.com/extensions/mac/. Hopefully that gets everything sorted out but if not please do let us know.

  • ourstanleyourstanley Junior Member

    I can get to the link for extension version 3.9.20, but Safari won't install it for me. I've had pop ups asking if I want to trust the extension and I've said Trust, but it just doesn't install. (Running OS X 10.11.1 and Safari 9.0.1)

    Any ideas?

  • Hi @ourstanley,

    I've come across one other instance of this so far but we haven't been able to discover why Safari is refusing to install the extension and instead seems to silently fail.

    I suspect this won't work but it might be useful to confirm this is the case. The following steps will show you how to complete reset Safari's extension database.

    Wiping Safari's extensions

    To start make sure Safari is not opened.

    Preference plist

    1. Open a Finder window and use the keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘G to open a Go to the folder window.
    2. Use the following location ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Safari.Extensions.plist and click the Go button.
    3. Drag the highlighted file to your Trash.

    Extension files

    1. Like above, open a Finder window and use the keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘G to open a Go to the folder window.
    2. Use the following location ~/Library/Safari/Extensions/ and click the Go button.
    3. Drag the highlighted folder to your Trash.

    Safari Extensions List

    1. Launch Keychain Access which you can find in /Applications/Utilities/.
    2. Search on the word safari and you should have 3 entries in the results.
    3. You want to right click on Safari Extensions List and select the Delete "Safari Extensions List" option.

    After all of that reboot your Mac and you'll need to go through the steps of installing your extensions again. Let us know how you get along. These steps have helped for a lot of extension installation issues but I fear something else is going on here.

    As an aside, 1Password 3 for Mac has very poor compatibility with El Capitan due to the age of 1Password 3. You may want to read more about this which you can do so in our thread 1Password 3: Modern browsers and OS X. I would suggest strongly considering an upgrade to 1Password 5.

  • ourstanleyourstanley Junior Member

    @littlebobbytables Hi there, I've tried those instructions and still got the 'silent fail'.

    Looking in Console and filtering for Safari I seem to have some errors relating to Sandbox denials, keychain and store account errors

    kernel: Sandbox: AssetCachLocato(902) deny(1) file-read-data /Application/Safari.app
    Safari: KeychainGetICDPStatus: keychain: -25300
    kernel: Sandbox: storeaccountd(417) deny(1) file-write-create /Users/username/Library/Caches/com.apple.Safari/ProductionBag

    Does these help at all?

    This has happened on my MacMini. I also have a MacBookAir on which things are working OK. In fact the MacMini had been operating fine until last night and I only uninstalled the extension when it began to behave erratically, but was then unable to reinstall it.

    I'm conscious that I'm running an old version of the software, but I've operating on a fairly tight budget the last couple of years and haven't been able to justify the price for the latest version, although I had quietly been hoping for a Black Friday offer this year to tip the balance and get me to upgrade :-) I guess I'll just need to add it to my Christmas list and see if Santa is good to me.



  • Hi @ourstanley,

    This is interesting. As I haven't managed to replicate the issue I've not seen that, all I know is Safari does not seem to log anything related to extensions in normal usage.

    So sandboxing is an OS feature whose entire purpose is to limit what an application can do. It restricts where it can read and write, securing all access. That error message though seems to be reporting that OS X is refusing to let Safari modify the contents of it's own cache folder. So we've basically got an Apple operating system refusing to let the Apple browser work.

    If this was my Mac there is something I would try. Caches are to help speed up operations but a cache is not to be depended on for long term storage. Given that here is what I would recommend.

    1. Quit Safari.
    2. Open a Finder window and use the keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘G to open a Go to Folder... window.
    3. Paste in the path ~/Library/Caches/ and click the Go button.
    4. Drag the com.apple.Safari folder to your Trash.
    5. Reboot your Mac.

    This will force Safari to create a brand new cache folder when it next starts. If you do this does this make any difference to the Safari's behaviour. If it doesn't do you see anything of interest in the System log?

    As an existing 1Password 3 for Mac user are you aware that you can enter your 1Password 3 licence key into our Upgrades for Existing Licence Owners page to get a discounted upgrade? I ask as we don't discount that price during sales so the price you see there is pretty much the best price going. This only applies to the AgileBits Store version of 1Password 5 for Mac though so if your heart is set on iCloud Sync support (which requires the Mac App Store version) then you would need to wait for our next sale as that does apply equally to both the Mac App Store and AgileBits Store. My understanding is we always announce these on Facebook and Twitter if you want to be informed when they happen.

    Please do let me know if clearing the cache has any impact.

  • ourstanleyourstanley Junior Member

    Hi there,

    I tried clearing the cache, and even both steps together but neither of them worked. In fact I started to get warnings on my MacBookAir that the 1Password extension was having problems as well.

    So I took advantage of the upgrade page to bring myself up to date with 1Password 5.

    I don't know why I'd thought that the upgrade option was time limited and that I'd missed my chance to upgrade at a reduced price - so thanks for the link.

    Many thanks,


  • Hi @ourstanley,

    I confess, I wish you hadn't felt compelled to upgrade even though I believe you will find 1Password 5 has some great stuff to offer over 1Password 3. I would have liked to have at least got the extension working just because it ought to. After that you would have stumbled upon other issues though :(

    I don't know if it's just our human tendency to see trends, even if there isn't one present but it feels like I've seen more mentions of sandboxing than before with El Capitan. By mention I mean entries in report logs and not even just relating to 1Password. Hopefully it's my imagination. It really did look like OS X was saying no to Safari though from your previous post.

    Now 1Password 5 is quite different but different in a good way I believe. 1Password 5 for Mac's guide can be found at https://support.1password.com/guides/mac/ and we have our quite active Mac section in these very forums for all questions and issues. If we can help please do post :smile:

  • ourstanleyourstanley Junior Member

    Hi @littlebobbytables,

    I appreciate the sentiment, and I too would have preferred to be able to figure out the issue, but I'd been meaning to upgrade for a while to ensure that I didn't have any issues working between my iOS versions which are the latest and my Mac version and their syncing through Dropbox, and when I also started to get error messages on my MacBookAir which is really my day to day machine it was time to be safe :-)

    I certainly am liking the views that I've had so far of 1Password 5 and I'll take some time to explore some of the newer features like password audits over the coming weeks.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Well if we can be of any assistance please do let us know @ourstanley :smile:

    I am relieved to hear that you'd been meaning to upgrade for a while, that does make me feel a bit better about having to break the bad news about 1Password 3 for Mac and El Capitan. Yell if we can help with anything :smile:

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