1p mini opens up form the menu bar when I hit cmd+\ to auto fill a password

Looks like it started happening not too long ago, I'm on the beta, and 1P mini pops up whenever I hit cmd+\ to fill in passwords.

The auto-fill works fine, but the fact that it pops up is really annoying.

1Password Version:1Password 5
Version 5.5.BETA-29 (550029)
AgileBits Beta
_Extension Version:
Not Provided
OS Version:OSX
_Sync Type:
Not Provided


  • Hi @altryne,

    Okay, I'm laughing a bit because I think my apology in your other query is actually the answer here. If you're running the beta version of 1Password for Mac and as I know you're a Chrome user you're probably butting up against the bug we've been working on where if more than one Chrome profile has been loaded the two separate copies of the extension loaded get confused over who should be reacting and who should be quietly waiting in the background. With a little luck the latest beta of the extension will help here but it does require the beta of 1Password for Mac. Thankfully you've already met that requirement.

    Does the beta help with this issue?

  • Hehe, funny indeed :)
    Would the beta extension need to be installed in both profiles?

  • Hi @altryne,

    Yes it would. The beta (both the extension and the application) now have a new message with which to communicate their inactivity to the other. So you would need to add the beta in both profiles to benefit.

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