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I have tried the standard app and the alpha app on my Lumia 930 Windows Phone (running Denim) and although I get messages telling me everything is synchronised with my DropBox account I can only see 2 entries on my phone! Is the app broken? I have seen exchanges about a full Windows Phone app coming soon but when is "soon"?

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  • brentybrenty

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    @billwilts: Nevermind "soon"; 1Password beta is already in the Windows Store! Be sure to check it out. We'd love to hear your feedback! :)

  • The beta is in the store for Windows, only the alpha is in the Windows Phone store. Would be happy to try the beta if I could install it on my phone!

  • @billwilts are you running Windows 10 for phones? Perhaps the beta is only available if you are running Windows 10 on your phone.

  • 1password beta is uwp app (same app for windows 10 and windows mobile 10). Try upgrading your 930 to 10. Same as and me works fine.

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    The beta app is available in the Store app if you're running Windows 10, regardless of the device.

    On your Windows 10 device, launch the Store app, search for 1Password Beta, and click the Install button.

  • I'm not running Windows 10 and probably won't be until next year. The exisiting 1Password app (not alpha or beta) on the Windows store is simply broken. After numerous re-installs and synchronisations the log shows the right number of records found but then only shows a handful in the app. It's therefore useless! Sadly, as I like the interface and the way the browser plugins work, I am obviously going to have to find another solution that offers an app that works on Windows Phone.

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    @billwilts: Indeed, Windows Phone is moving to Windows 10 (along with tablets and PCs), so I'm afraid the new app won't do you much good in your situation. If you're intent on sticking with the old version then it may be best to find something that better suits your needs. If and when you do update though, we'll be ready! :)

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    @billwilts, I believe it's been many months (possibly years) since any work was done on the long-existing 1Password for Windows Phone app, and there are no plans to release additional versions.

    All our development effort for Windows Phone is focused on the 1Password for Windows 10 app that's currently available (as "1Password Beta") in the Store app on a Windows 10 device.

    I believe all phone providers will roll out the Windows 10 upgrade over the next few months, but upgrading your phone to Windows 10 is already a relatively straightforward process, if you're interested.

    Thanks again for your interest in 1Password!

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