credit card compromised after purchase of 1PW

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I recommended 1PW to a co-worker. I own a family pack for Mac, 1PW for Windows, and 1PW for iPhone and have been a long time advocate.

He purchased on 4/28/11 and came in this morning and told me his card has been used 3 times this weekend for unauthorized purchases and hasn't used it this past week other than one phone order on 4/26/11 to a company he does routine business with.

I've sent an email to Agile support, but that says they will get back in a few days. Just hoping someone sees this in the event that the server being used for credit card orders is compromised. Also hoping to bump my email request up in the que.

Should he contact Beanstream (the company Agile uses for CC orders) or Agile directly?


  • harringgharringg Member
    Thanks for the feedback. I didn't get an autoresponder confirmation (that's why I posted here, wanting to make sure it was seen by someone), but someone from support has contacted me via email and I've passed that information on to my co-worker.

    You are right, it could have been anything, it was the timing of it that had them concerned and since I recommended the software, I felt I should make some effort tracking down a point of contact for them.

    Appreciate it.
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    Something to keep in mind is that using a regular credit card or even a debit card that goes through the credit card processing system benefits from the fraud services of the issuing bank as well as the major credit companies -- such as Visa's Zero Liability (the others have similar policies and services.)

    It can still be a pain to jump through hoops, but in the end knowing that you are not liable for fraudulent charges can offer real peace of mind; and nowadays banks will issue you new cards promptly to ensure that damage is minimal. :)
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