1password no longer auto-fill my passwords

Example sites: mint.com, chase.com
The instructions https://support.1password.com/save-login-manually don't work (no such menu item exists)
I tried deleting and recreating the login and that failed too.

1Password Version: 3.8.22 (build 32010)
Extension Version: (chrome 47.0)
OS Version: OS X 10.9.5
Sync Type: Not Provided
Referrer: kb:install-browser-extension, kb:resave-login, kb:save-login-manually


  • Hi @anotherusername,

    Unfortunately those instructions that you found are for 1Password 4/5 and don't apply to the older version that is 1Password 3.

    Using https://www.mint.com as a point of reference,

    1. How did you recreate the item, was it inside the browser?
    2. When you say auto-fill are you referring to open and fill where when you select a Login item it causes the sequence of passing the URL to the browser and then fill in the loaded page using this Login item.

    One thing worth noting is we did have another query regarding at least https://www.mint.com that I answered yesterday. That particular site seems to use JavaScript to generate the login form after the page has loaded. Unfortunately we only have the page load event to go on so I suspect we aren't filling as part of open and fill because the page isn't ready - the JavaScript causes a delay after page load before it's ready. Does the Login item work if you try to use the fill keyboard shortcut ⌘\?

    1. I recreated it inside the browser, by entering in the data and saving (so it should get form info)
    2. By autofill, I meant when I'm already on a page, and the login form has loaded, if I click the relevant login on 1password it fills it out and submits the form. Interestingly, the keyboard shortcut seems to be working -- even though using the mouse to do the same thing the way I usually do it is not.
    3. Perhaps relatedly, the "+" button to create a new login has never done anything for my chrome extension for as long as I remember using 1password (but this is less of a problem so I never asked about it, and the login behavior described above is recent).
  • Hello @anotherusername,

    You're quite right, if you normally create your Login items from inside the browser then it should be storing all the relevant details about the page. I can't explain why clicking the extension icon to select a Login item doesn't work while the keyboard shortcut ⌘\ does, both work for me so that's unusual. I wonder given your experience with the "+" button if it's related.

    We can try something but before we continue we need to ensure that the extension is syncing with the 1Password application. Can you visit a site, almost doesn't matter which and create a test login item from inside the browser. The details don't have to be real. Having done so can you see this item from inside the main 1Password application? If you can it would indicate that the extension is in communication with 1Password and that there are no items only stored in the extension.

    My suggestion is to see what happens if you uninstall the 1Password 3 Chrome Extension, close down Chrome and re-install a fresh copy of the 1Password 3 Chrome Extension when you re-open Chrome. If when you do so the unlock window simply starts a counter ticking upwards reboot your Mac to resolve this. At this point you have a fresh installation of the 1Password 3 Chrome Extension and I wonder if any of the quirks you're noticing disappear as a result.

    Please do not try any of this though if you have any reason to believe there are items only visible from inside the 1Password 3 Chrome extension. The extension can become disconnected so this is a possibility. When you uninstall the extension all of its support files are removed so any item that was stuck only in the extension would now be lost. We did away with this approach in 1Password 4 and upwards for a much saner model. I think it's a great improvement over 1Password 3 in this respect.

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