Really annoying: "Show me 5 more items"

I have captured below in a screenshot my daily worflow: My most commonly used login items happens to be at the bottom of this menu (after the "show 5 more items") but I have no way to re-order my items so I can place my most common item at the top. I also have no way to prevent this silly hiding of data of from me - why can't it just show all 10 of my login items? I can understand if it tried to hide hundreds of items, but hiding just 10 items which can easily be displayed on screen just makes no sense to me. Atleast give me a way to re-order this list.


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  • Hi @ibnirshad,

    The ordering displayed by 1Password mini is based on three criteria. The key factor is the domain of the items. I'm going to link to a post I wrote a while back that should help describes this and the post can be found here. Does this help explain what you're seeing?

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