Upgrading - Multiple Licenses?

Hello, I bought a 1Password family license for mac a very long time ago. I also bought the old app for the iPhone and bought it for Windows. Now I would like to upgrade, but was wondering if there is a way to get an additional discount for having both keys (in your upgrade box, you can enter a single license key, but I have two) when you upgrade to the mac+windows bundle?

I am running 1Password for Windows version 1.09.342 and Mac version 3.??


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Referrer: kb:bundle-license


  • Hello @jonthewise,

    There isn't a way to add both keys. Either key will allow you to purchase a new 1Password bundle for both platforms and the discount is applied equally. So the bundle is first discounted for purchasing both platforms together and then we apply the existing user discount on top. I'm not sure if that helps or not so if please say if I haven't fully answered your question :smile:

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