Safari issues with new teams admin links not working.

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I am having issues today with Safari and a new team. I cannot confirm members nor can I download emergency kits. The buttons/links for these activities simply don't respond. I have to sign into chrome or firefox to accomplish my tasks. Once in those browsers it works without fail.

If its a known bug keep on reading, I have been super busy with work lately and not able to follow a lot of the new discussions.

Edit: After logging into Chrome I find my task of confirm my pending invite did work properly , however in Safari I was given no indication of link clicking nor page changing etc.

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    Hi Tommy,

    It's good to hear from you again. I hope you and your family are doing well :)

    I think I know what the issue is. Your team was created before we had support for Safari, so the keys that were created at that time are not compatible. We have added support for Safari in the last few weeks but we have some work remaining to migrate existing users over to use the new key format that's needed by Safari.

    Roustem is getting closer to having the migration completed for Safari users. Perhaps he'll surprise us with a Christmas present?! If not tomorrow, then perhaps it will be a present for Orthodox Christmas instead? :)

    Take care Tommy. Hopefully we'll see more of you around here during the holidays ;)

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    Ah maybe ? You tell me ?

    Original signup was pre Dec 4, which expired. I re-signed up today and setup completed this time.

    Anyway just a report no real issue, I am use to working around issues in betas. :)

    Cheers, to you all and a Merry Christmas.

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    Oh really? This is a brand new team? I swore you already had your team setup months ago as you were one of our pre-beta testers. Is this a different team than what you started with?

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    This is a new team for the wife, and her work. I am in the process of her initial setup as she takes over control of the company Jan 1.

    The family account was indeed setup months ago. Still has that Safari issue. All good as I seldom need admin controls, as I have static members etc.

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    That's strange. I just tested in Safari and was able to create a brand new team, send an invitation, accept the invitation, and confirm the new user to my team. Everything worked fine for me. I am running an ancient Safari here (version 9.0.2), but I'm not aware of any huge differences on El Cap. I can test El Cap later when I'm on that machine.

    The only thing that is broken for me is the downloading of the Emergency Kit. That's a known issue that we hope to fix soon.

    One thing I noticed is your time stamp on this message was right around the time when we had an issue with the web client notifications not working correctly. This problem was live on our site for about and hour and a half today. Perhaps you managed to be setting up your team at this exact same time? Reloading the page would have updated things, but otherwise you won't see people become approved.

    Could you try inviting a test user to your team and see if it is still happening? And if it is, could you open your JavaScript console and report any errors to us?


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    Good morning Dave

    Looks like the only issue currently remaining is I am unable to download the emergency kit but thats a minor work around. The confirmation button responds appropriately now.

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    Awesome! Thanks for the update, Tommy. Looks like the issue was the notification server.


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