Have you considered supporting tracking of which Social Login button I use for sign up/in?

For many sites that I've used Facebook, Twitter, Google or even Yahoo! social sign-in buttons, 1Password has no record, which has then seen me attempt to create duplicate accounts and/or go thru long account recovery processes as I don't realize I had an account or don't know how to get in… if 1Password's extension tracked, in desktop browsers, the use of a Social Login button (and offered a selector in manual entry/edit in the desktop/mobile app to choose which social login(s) was used for a site), we could further reduce the need to surrender more info to social login services trying to figure out which account we might have used previously (and subsequently create duplicate accounts) and/or just reduce account recovery/access time.

1Password Version: 5.4
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OS Version: OS X 10.11.2
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    @mlaaker: Indeed, we've had some good discussions about this, both internally and right here on the forums. While we may find a way of building support for this into the app itself at some point, there are some easy ways to get a helpful result now. This is my favourite:

    1. Save a fake login for the website
    2. Copy the icon from the single sign on being used (Google, for example)
    3. Edit the fake login to paste the single sign on icon, and save
    4. (Optional: Duplicate the login item or disable autosubmit)

    This way, when you go to the site and try to login using 1Password, you'll be greeted with the icon for the single sign on you need to use. Then you can select that option on the site and fill that login instead.

    Disabling autosubmit and Duplicating the login help if you're like me and use the keyboard shortcut to fill ( ⌘ \ ). Without those two steps, I'd actually be filling my fake login, and having more than one login for a site has 1Password bring up the list. Let me know if this helps! :)

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