Compaction disabled on battery power message, even when plugged in.

I'm on Knox 2.3.2 (234) and El Capitan 10.11.12. I can't seem to compact my vaults cause there is a message by the grayed out compact button that reads, "Compaction disabled on battery power," even when I'm plugged in. Any suggestions?



  • Hello @virtualbartek, thanks for taking the time to write in. :)

    By chance, have you given your Mac a quick reboot? This is an uncommon issue we’ve never been able to reproduce on our own end but a reboot normally does the trick.

    There is another option if I a reboot doesn’t prove successful, which is to try reinstalling Knox. You shouldn't have to move any files out of their vaults to reinstall Knox. Just delete the app, reboot your Mac, and reinstall it from our page. Just don't use any app cleaner apps (such as CleanMyMac) when deleting it, just manually drag from your Applications folder to the trash bin.

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