I am using OS X 10.11 and I am unable to run a diagnostics for you.

My passwords no longer autofill and they don't show up on my laptop (a different computer). I am using 1Password 3 because I cannot upgrade to 5.

1Password Version: Version 3.8.20 (build 31499)
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.11.2 (15C50)
Sync Type: ?
Referrer: kb-search:not filling chrome, kb:uninstall-v3-extension, kb:diagnostics, kb:uninstall-v3-extension, kb:diagnostics


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    Hi @blazenhoff,

    Have you read the post at the top of the forum category? 1Password 3: Modern browsers and OS X outlines the difficulties you might see while running 1Password 3 in El Capitan.

    Could you tell me a bit more about why you are unable to upgrade? We want to make it as easy as possible for our users to stay up to date with the latest and greatest version of 1Password (which was designed to work smoothly in the latest operating systems), so we have a 50% upgrade discount available to you. Simply enter your license key on our upgrade page to view the discounted prices on a shiny new license. :)

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